Thursday, December 1, 2016

Three Things Thursday

Happy December 1st!

Welcome to another edition of...

- 1 -

This post is coming to you on a wing and a prayer. My laptop had to spend all day and 
overnight with the Geek Squad at Best Buy. I am all out of sorts without my laptop! 
Miss S's laptop feels so tiny with its 13" screen size. I feel like Buddy the Elf
when I use it.

Hubby's laptop is huge, bulky, old and slow, so it takes a LOT of patience to use
it. Patience certainly isn't one of my strong suits.

I sound like Goldilocks, haha. This laptop is too small. This laptop is too slow. My laptop
is JUST right! (when it works, sigh...) I am hoping and praying that my beloved laptop will
be repaired and ready to be picked up today. Fingers crossed!

- 2 -

 Both the humans and the fur babies in our home are all out of sorts this week. Hubby has
been sick and is coughing and coughing, and coughing. Sleep has been all but impossible
with all the coughing. And the rain... how could finally getting rain be a bad thing? Well, in
our house you just never know. Here is what happened... Due to the recent drought, Hunter
has not seen, heard, or felt rain in over 90 days. The rain itself didn't seem to bother him, but
the wet ground was a whole other story. He was completely freaked out by it and because
of it, started having accidents in the house again. Talk about stressful! It is SO not okay for
my almost 8 month old puppy to be having accidents in the house. There have been a few
moments in the past couple of days where I thought I just might totally snap. Not a good
feeling at all. 

The chaos of the rain and the dogs freaking out, our lack of sleep, my laptop trying to die
on me, the sadness and devastation from the fires in Gatlinburg, and the disappointment
I am feeling over the Gilmore Girls Revival, it has been a crazy few days. I won't spoil the
Gilmore Girls for you if you haven't watched yet, (I've only watched Winter and 
Spring so far...) 

but I was just hoping for more from the story line. I was hoping more issues would
have been resolved and that things would be a little different. It is great to have
the girls back, but still, I find myself a bit disappointed.

 - 3 -

While we were at the beach last week, I went in a Bath & Body Works store
in the outlet center in Foley. In the back corner, I found two fall candles that
I had not seen in our local store. I had heard of one of them, but was curious to
try them both. This is what I bought...

 The fragrance notes in the Cider Lane candle are warm caramel, Granny Smith apple,
dark brown sugar, and ground clove. I am absolutely obsessed with this candle and
wish I had bought 4 or 5 of them!

They both smell out of this world amazing! I love them both so much!
Yes, while others have moved on to more Christmasy scented candles, I am
burning and loving these.

If Hubby and I had a candle made for us, I feel like Pumpkin Woods would be
our scent. Pumpkin for me, and Woods for my Hubby, the great outdoorsman.
The Pumpkin Woods candle contains fragrance notes of Woodland Spruce, Cedar,
Clove Buds, and Smoky Vanilla.

Well, thankfully the sun is shining today, so hopefully the ground will dry out and
the dogs can get back to life as usual. I also hope my sidekick laptop will be back
in my hands at some point today.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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