Friday, December 16, 2016

New Furry Friends!

Happy Friday friends and family!

Take a look at our new furry friends!

And look at the handsome little buck!

Last Saturday night as our neighbor was driving past our house, he noticed there
were three deer in our side yard. He took a quick picture and sent it to Hubby.

We were shocked. We had no idea that deer were hanging out so close to our driveway 
at night. Hubby went to Walmart and bought a deer camera and hung it on a tree in 
the side yard of our house.

Yesterday when we took the camera card out and looked at the pictures, this is what
we found. Not only did we have three deer, but at times, we have as many as eight.
And so close to our driveway! Yes, that is Hubby's truck parked right there next to
where they are.

Last night when we took Hunter and Rusty out in the backyard, we could see them 
standing off in the woods waiting for us to go back inside. They are so beautiful to
watch. I wonder how long they will continue to visit?!

I want to go out today and look for deer tracks from our new furry friends. My 
other plans for the weekend are to stay home as much as possible to avoid the 
crazy Christmas crowds! My weekend will also include hot chocolate with 
marshmallows, wrapping of presents, Bath & Body Works candles,
 and all the Hallmark Christmas movies I can fit it!

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