Monday, December 19, 2016

From Quiet to Crazy!

Happy SIX days before Christmas!

On Friday, my theme for the day was hibernate. I successfully stayed at home all 
warm and cozy and far away from the Christmas crowds.

On Saturday, Miss S and I did need to do a couple of errands and you will never
guess where we ended up. Yes, Target of course!

I found a sweatshirt that would be perfect for me...

If there is any opportunity for a nap to be taken, this girl is first in line. Always have
been, and probably always will be.

I also fell head over heels for these sparkly house slippers. I was busy oooing and
ahhhing over them, and Miss S said. "Those are actually the most ratchet things
I have ever seen."

Ugh. Soul crushing honesty, that's one of my girl's specialties.

We found a sweatshirt that would be pretty appropriate for Miss S too...

That girl loves to go out and be with her friends any time, but especially on the weekends.

And these cozy pajama pants would have been perfect for Miss S too, but they did
not have her size.

Here is a close up picture of the pj pants. They have cats all over them and they say
" Meow-y Christmas. "  They would be purrfect for Miss S! ;)

Sunday was a crazy day. The power went off about 6:50 Sunday morning and did not
come back on until 10:45 or so. We all had to get ready for church in the dark, and worse
than that, you can't drink coffee if you don't have power. Getting the car out of the garage
was no easy feat either. Hubby had to open and close the garage door manually, and was
not particularly thrilled about that.

When we left home, the temperature outside was around 55 degrees and rainy. When we 
got to church is was 40 degrees. By the time we came out of church and headed to Red
Lobster for lunch, it was 38 degrees. It was 37 degrees when we got home, and thankfully
the power was on and we could change into comfy warm clothes and spend the rest
of the afternoon relaxing. Miss S even made her delicious and simple peppermint bark.
(Just melt white chocolate, then stir in crushed/chopped peppermint candy canes.)

By the time we let the doggies outside to potty before bedtime, our back deck was
like a sheet of ice. Poor Hunter's legs went in every direction as he belly flopped
on the deck. Luckily being a puppy, he bounced right back up and wasn't hurt!
Ice just isn't something people (and pets) from Alabama are used to.

I plan to save my errands today until the temperatures warm up a bit.

Happy Monday and stay warm!

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