Tuesday, December 6, 2016

2016 Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to our Christmas home decor tour!

Come on in. Once inside the front door, we are in the foyer.

From our foyer, you will enter our family room.

If you take a look at our mantel, you will see the little wooden skis that I purchased
last year at Target, and a little collection of Bath & Body Works candles. Miss S didn't
want to use a lot of red in our family room this year, but after much debate, I decided
that the mantel needed a few touches of red. Plus, I really enjoy lighting a candle when
we are all relaxing at home.

We are absolutely loving our new flocked Christmas tree from Hobby Lobby.

Next to the family room, is our kitchen. I wanted to keep things pretty simple
in the kitchen and dining rooms this year.

Here is a closer look at the simple kitchen table centerpiece.

Our dining room this year is just a simple burlap table runner, and this white pitcher
filled with greenery and berries. I love the simplistic, uncluttered look of it.

The little hallway outside our master bedroom got a touch of Christmas spirit with 
greenery and poinsettias added to my second white pitcher from Target. (Yes, I loved
the pitcher so much after receiving one as a birthday gift, that I went back later and
bought another!)

But my favorite view of all would have to be our family room in the evenings with
the white lights all aglow. So peaceful and cozy.

I hope you enjoyed our Christmas home decor tour this year.  Let me know when
you want to drop by for a visit. I would love to have someone watch 'Christmas
With The Kranks' with me! 

I hope your day is filled with peace, love, and happy holiday spirit.


  1. Love the pitcher with greenery and holly! So many nice things.

    1. Thank you so much! The pitcher is an absolute favorite of mine! Thanks for dropping by today. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Elaine! The lights on our old pre-lit tree didn't work this year, so we were "forced" to buy a new tree! ;) Thank you for visiting today!

  3. That joy sign outside is too cute - love the whole porch set up! The greens on the table are so cute - simple and classic!

    1. Thanks Emily! I got the JOY sign last year at Hobby Lobby. (Hubby thought I was crazy buying such a large sign, ha!) I am so happy to dropped by to visit today. :)


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