Friday, December 9, 2016

Baking and Blogging

Hello Friday and Hello WEEKEND!!!

I'm up bright and early this morning making brownies for Miss S to take to
school for a class Christmas party. I know some moms make brownies for 
their kids from scratch, and some times I have even been that mom. But this
time, I'm the mom that bought the brownie mix from the store yesterday, but
then somehow still forgot to bake them last night.  So let's hear it for box mix
brownies at 5:45 in the morning, haha!

I did get our Christmas photo cards ordered from the Walgreens website last night,
and found that all Christmas photo cards are 50% off until Dec. 10. Yay me for
checking that off my to do list, and for getting a really great deal!

Okay, while my brownies bake, let's talk Friday Favorites!

One of my favorites from the week are these pictures of Miss S that her bestie
took for her. I could not love these pictures, or my amazing daughter any more!

I shared more about these pictures, and where they were taken is Monday's blog post,
in case you missed it.

Another favorite of mine is when my house is decked for Christmas. I am loving our new
flocked tree in the family room so much.

Especially in the stillness and quietness of early mornings and late afternoons when the
lights seem to sparkle even more.

I shared my whole Christmas home tour in this post, if you would like to check it out.

AND, just look at this gorgeous, photogenic cutie! Of course these are another favorite
from the week.

I talk all about this blond cutie turning 8 months old in this blog post from 

My other fur baby boy, appeared on my snapchat this week. I love this little
guy so much. I can hardly believe he will be 12 years old in January. I sure hope
this baby boy will live forever! Just look at that sweet face.

And now for some snack favorites from the week...

Hmmm. Yikes. The nutrition police just may show up at my door after today's post. 
Nothing healthy found here today. How about I share a holiday workout that I 
created about this time last year?! From the looks of this post, a workout, 
(or 10) is much needed!

To view more workouts that I have created, you can click here.

It looks like our Christmas craziness will be starting this weekend. Miss S 
has her 1st party at school today, and then on Sunday, we will be celebrating 
Christmas with Hubby's family. Then Thursday night will be his work Christmas 
party, Friday will be the Church choir party, and next Sunday will be our Sunday 
School party. That gets us about 1/2 way into our season of celebrating. 
Tis the season to stay busy! 

  I'd love to have you follow along on Facebook, twitter, and on instagram if you aren't 
already. Happy Friday! I hope your Friday is awesome!

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