Monday, December 12, 2016

Appointments, Study Sessions, and First Christmas

Where did the weekend go?

Ours seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. Not too much excitement on Friday
or Saturday, so I will hit the high points for you.

Friday, I picked up our Christmas cards that I ordered online from Walgreens
and then popped into Cato to quickly look for a possible outfit for Hubby's office
Christmas party that is coming up on Thursday evening. I love shopping at our local
Cato. The store is neat and organized and makes shopping so easy. Clothes are 
organized by color, and items that are meant to be worn together are hung together. 
There is no wandering around a huge store wondering if this will go with that and 
so on. I love the simplicity and ease of getting an entire outfit coordinated instantly.
If life was only as uncomplicated! Ha! I walked out with three tops and a new pair
of leggings, so I believe I will be good to go throughout the entire holiday season.

Friday night, Miss S and her bestie had an AP Calculus Study session for most
of the night to prepare for the exam that is coming up tomorrow, Hubby and I
ordered Chinese and stayed in. Eating taking out at home trumps dining out in a
noisy, crowded restaurant 99% of the time in my book!

Saturday, Hubby left home at a ridiculously early hour to go out in the cold to sit in
a tree stand. How or why people want to do that escapes me, but he loves it. He
didn't get his trophy buck, but I suppose that is just part of the challenge.

Miss S went with me to my eye appointment so she could make sure I picked out
(the right) cute glasses. If you want to know how something truly looks on you, Miss S
is the one to ask! She can be a tough critic sometimes, but in the end she is usually
right. I think she gets that from her Daddy and her Papa! 

Saturday night, Hubby actually watched a Hallmark Christmas movie with me!
I have figured out that if he comes in about 20 minutes into the movie, that he will
be just confused enough about what is going on in the movie that he will stick around 
to figure out what is happening. Once he figures out what's going on, he feels invested 
enough in the story line that he will stick it out to the end to see things through. 
Or maybe he is just humoring me. I like to think my theory is correct though, haha.

While we were relaxing and enjoying our movie, poor Miss S and her bestie were
back at the AP Calculus studying. Words can not express how happy I am that I
am not the one studying AP Calculus!

On Sunday after church, we had our first Christmas of the season. We had lunch 
and presents at my Mother-In-Law's house.

Lunch was ham, gluten free mac-n-cheese, mashed potatoes, green beans, and 
deviled eggs.

After lunch, it was time for presents and a few pictures. Presents were super simple
this year. Everyone walked away with a little more $$$ in their wallet. Those
kind of gifts are easy to pack up and carry home and don't leave a trail of clutter
all over the house. When Miss S and her cousins were small, Christmas was a whole
different story, that's for sure!

The three of us! (I'm wearing one of my new tops that I bought Friday at Cato.)

Look closely at poor Hunter photo bombing from his kennel in the background.
Poor baby. Being at Mimi's house means being in the kennel. Needless to say he 
was happy to get home and run free.

And here is Mimi and Didi, with the grand kids. Mimi is hugging Miss S and J 
because they will both be graduating from high school this May! They sure grew 
up fast.

It was really nice to celebrate Christmas early. It seems like the later in December
that it gets, the higher the stress levels for everyone. By celebrating early, no
one was grumpy or frazzled or tired of all the Christmas "to dos." 

And just like that it is Monday again...

Miss S will be done with school tomorrow, so her Christmas Break will officially
begin on Dec. 14. She will still be babysitting some during her break, but is also
looking forward to some much needed down time.

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Have a great Monday! Thanks for dropping by! :)


  1. Visiting from the link up! Looks like Christmas is in full swing for you & your family! I agree that picking up take out is even better than eating out. Eating in the comfort of your own home without having to feel rushed because the restaurant is busy!

    1. Absolutely Donna! I'm so happy you visited today! Happy Holidays to you! :)

  2. I L O V E Cato too! I never leave out of there without something. You have a beautiful family!

    1. Thank you so much Elenie! You are so kind! Thank you for stopping by and for commenting today! Happy Holidays to you! :)


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