Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Little More Christmas

In yesterday's post, I shared part one of our family Christmas. If you missed part one, 
click here to get caught up. Today, we will continue with Christmas Day.

On Christmas Day, it was time to head to my parent's house for our Christmas Day 

Unfortunately, the weather didn't get the message that it was Christmas Day, so we celebrated
Christmas with a warm and balmy temperature...

After lunch, Miss S had the job of passing out all the presents. Look who hit the
Christmas jackpot!

Don't worry though, because Miss S always has plenty too! Here she is after opening
her Herschel Bag. Papa is checking to see what all the little compartments are for. This will 
be one of her "weekend" bags when she heads to Auburn in the fall. If she has a nice bag, 
surely she will come home often, right?!

Also pictured, Miss S's new lululemon yoga mat. I think this is the one she got. Others 
similar can be found here.

Hubby and Dad both got Kobalt Ratcheting Screwdrivers. Men can never have too many 
tools! Women love shoes, men love tools, ha.

Here is my Dad showing off his new Levi's jeans! 

Mom got Auburn earrings and I think Daddy approves!

Dad surprised her with something all women want and need. Money to go shopping!

One of her favorite gifts was Miss S's Senior portrait...

After presents, it was time for a few pictures...

Mom, Miss S, and Me

Mom, Dad and Me

Miss S wanted a fun one, so she taught her Papa to "dab."

She posted this picture on her instagram with the caption...

"Happy Holladays and Merry Dabmas"

Ha ha.... oh teenagers!

I think my most favorite picture of the day was this one...

Seeing Hubby and Miss S laughing and having fun together makes my heart so full!

We had such a special and wonderful day full of fun and priceless memories.
We are truly blessed! We had a wonderful time giving and receiving presents
during this Christmas season, but we also know what is truly important...


Memories made, and time spent with family will always be the most special part
of our Christmas celebrations. And of course, we must never forget...



Thank you for reading today, and I will see you again on Thursday!

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