Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Do, A Don't, and Mr. Personality

You all know how much I love to find a great product for an even better price.
Today, I want to share a new product that I love, and a new product that I sent 
straight to the trash can.

I recently purchased and absolutely love this blush by Milani.

I bought the blush in the color Dolce Pink because it is supposed to be a great
dupe for a $30 blush by Nars. The Milani blush was $8.99 and is richly pigmented
in this beautiful pink color.  It is so easy to use, and because of the rich pigmentation,
a quick swipe of your blush brush in this product is all you need. A beautiful blush
color, and the perfect amount in just one quick application. I would recommend this
product as a "do."

My "don't" product is this mineral powder foundation from Loreal.

I used my regular powder foundation brush to apply this powder instead of the tiny brush
applicator that came with this product. As I was applying the foundation, I thought I
was really going to like it. The color was good, and the coverage was good. But then,
right before my very eyes, this product settled right into my fine lines, and even worse
than that, it made the pores on my face look HUGE. It was really, really bad!

I wanted to give this product one more try, after all, I did spend $15 on it, so I
exfoliated my face the next day, used a good bit of moisturizer to act as a primer,
then tried the powder foundation again. The exact same thing happened again.
It was terrible on my face. I have never had an issue with a product magnifying 
my pores before, so I am not sure what was happening there, but I do know that
I sent this foundation right to the trash can. Please, if you are considering trying
this foundation, be forewarned, (and only buy it from a drugstore that will allow 
you to return makeup you don't like!)

And on that note....

Let's change the subject to something cute, cuddly, silly, and happy!

Just look at Mr. Personality posing in his Daddy's hat.

And if you appreciate a little irony every now and then, Hunter is wearing a hat
by the brand Drake.  We try to do as much as we can to keep the memory of our
beloved and missed chocolate lab baby alive.

I made this little side by side comparison of our lab babies yesterday, and think
they favor a good bit.

Drake and Hunter

And if you are wondering, BOTH of these handsome boy score a "do" in my book!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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