Friday, December 30, 2016

It's About That Time

In a post from last week, I mentioned a few things that I am planning to do in 
January. Well, ready of not, January will be here on Sunday! So, I wanted to quickly
recap a few challenges that I want to start in case you are interested in doing any of
them along with me.

 - 1 -

I want to start off the brand new year with a daily scripture plan like this one.

Like I said last week, I won't be writing these out each day, but I would like to commit
 to reading the verses daily.

- 2 -

I also want to do this 30 day plan from Spark People. With this easy to follow plan, 
you complete one small task each day and in 30 days you get the gift of a noticeably 
less cluttered home. I am thinking maybe I will go through the plan every other month
all year long and see how much I can accomplish by this time next year.

Week 1 of the plan is this:

Week 1:  


Day 1: Medicine Cabinet

Toss expired medications, hotel shampoos that you’ll never use, and throw out lotions 
you’ve had since 1990. While you’re at it, give the mirror a quick wipe, too.

Day 2: Shower

Get rid of the extras and empties in your shower. Invest in a shower caddy to keep 
everything organized and in one spot.

Day 3: Makeup Drawer / Bag  

Go through your makeup bag or drawer and reassess some of the items. Hot pink
eye shadow you haven’t touched since 1980? Toss! Lipstick that doesn’t smell quite
right anymore? You know what to do. If you haven’t used it in a year, it’s time to trash it.

Day 4: Linen Closet

Over time those neatly stacked towels start to shift and folded sheets somehow end up on 
the floor. And why is your kiddo’s baseball bat in there, anyway? Take stock of what’s in 
the linen closet, straighten what you want and consider donating items you haven’t used in 
more than a year to charity.


Day 5: Nightstand

Nightstands collect books, water bottles and electronics along with gobs of dust. Clear it off, 
wipe it down and leave only the bare minimum.

Day 6: Dresser

Dressers can hide a lot in their drawers. Open every drawer, refold messy clothes and 
match every sock. Start a donate pile of any clothes you no longer need and a toss pile 
of holey shirts and socks you can part with.

Day 7: Master Closet

Add to those donate and toss piles by going through your closet. Follow your gut: You know 
what you’re regularly wearing and what haven’t worn in ages. Try not to let sentimentality 
get in the way of decluttering!

Click here to look ahead to all 30 days. (Source:

- 3 -

I also signed up for  this free 30 day yoga challenge. Once you sign up, you will receive
access to all 30 days of videos. I believe the longest video is 16 minutes long. I believe
I can surely find 16 minutes each day to make the time to do something good for myself.
Increasing my calm, and my flexibility is definitely something I need, and want to do in
2017, so I plan to try this challenge to get that ball rolling.

Alright guys. Now you know what I will be up to in January. I haven't gotten any
formal "goals" written out for the New Year, but I do know that these are three areas
I certainly want to improve in the coming year.

What are your plans for 2017?

Do you think you will try any of the ones mentioned here? I'd love to know if
you do!

Have a wonderful weekend and HAPPY New Year to all of you!!!

Thank you so much for following our journey through 2016, I hope you will
stick with us in 2017 too. :)

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Boo, Yay, and a Birthday!

Tuesday evening was a big boo for us. Miss S started having severe stomach pains
around 8:45 Tuesday night. She has had tummy pains and problems, on and off
since the discovery that she is gluten intolerant, but this pain was sharper and more
intense than she had ever experienced before. She was in so much pain that we 
decided it was time to head to the emergency room for help.

We arrived at the ER around 9:15. About two hours later, she was finally settled 
into a room and an IV started. 

They tested blood samples, urine samples and eventually ordered a CT scan of her
abdomen to try to determine what was going on.

We waited and waited and waited some more to hear the results of the tests.

Still waiting at 2:30 in the morning! 

No "life threatening" issue was found, so we were released with orders to get an
appointment with an Enterologist as soon as possible. We feel like the next logical
step will be to do an upper GI endoscopy. We have an appointment to see her doctor
next week, and hope we can get a procedure scheduled soon after to give us some
answers. Seeing your child sick and in pain is a terrible, horrible feeling!

Wednesday morning was a YAY. One of Miss S's Christmas presents finally arrived 
via Fed Ex.

She has wanted this ring for so long and we finally got it for her for Christmas.

I think it is so pretty on her little fingers. She is so happy with her beautiful new ring.

And in other exciting news....

My mom's best friend from high school is celebrating a birthday today! Not only is
she one of my mom's best friends, she is a precious and loyal reader of this blog too.

Martha Lynne, 

Mom, Miss S, and I want to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
(and many more!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday, and I will see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Little More Christmas

In yesterday's post, I shared part one of our family Christmas. If you missed part one, 
click here to get caught up. Today, we will continue with Christmas Day.

On Christmas Day, it was time to head to my parent's house for our Christmas Day 

Unfortunately, the weather didn't get the message that it was Christmas Day, so we celebrated
Christmas with a warm and balmy temperature...

After lunch, Miss S had the job of passing out all the presents. Look who hit the
Christmas jackpot!

Don't worry though, because Miss S always has plenty too! Here she is after opening
her Herschel Bag. Papa is checking to see what all the little compartments are for. This will 
be one of her "weekend" bags when she heads to Auburn in the fall. If she has a nice bag, 
surely she will come home often, right?!

Also pictured, Miss S's new lululemon yoga mat. I think this is the one she got. Others 
similar can be found here.

Hubby and Dad both got Kobalt Ratcheting Screwdrivers. Men can never have too many 
tools! Women love shoes, men love tools, ha.

Here is my Dad showing off his new Levi's jeans! 

Mom got Auburn earrings and I think Daddy approves!

Dad surprised her with something all women want and need. Money to go shopping!

One of her favorite gifts was Miss S's Senior portrait...

After presents, it was time for a few pictures...

Mom, Miss S, and Me

Mom, Dad and Me

Miss S wanted a fun one, so she taught her Papa to "dab."

She posted this picture on her instagram with the caption...

"Happy Holladays and Merry Dabmas"

Ha ha.... oh teenagers!

I think my most favorite picture of the day was this one...

Seeing Hubby and Miss S laughing and having fun together makes my heart so full!

We had such a special and wonderful day full of fun and priceless memories.
We are truly blessed! We had a wonderful time giving and receiving presents
during this Christmas season, but we also know what is truly important...


Memories made, and time spent with family will always be the most special part
of our Christmas celebrations. And of course, we must never forget...



Thank you for reading today, and I will see you again on Thursday!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy Hubby and Christmas Eve

Hello and happy day after Christmas!

What a wonderful time of family, fun, love and laughter we have had. It's sad
to see the season come and go so quickly.

To avoid bombarding you with massive amounts of pictures all in one incredibly
long post, I want to spread the joy out a bit. Today will cover Friday (Christmas Eve
 Eve) and Saturday (Christmas Eve.)  Tomorrow's post will cover Christmas Day. 

Let's get started!

On Friday, Hubby had a happy hunting moment...

He finally got a deer. He's been patiently waiting, and he finally got a big one. I don't 
know how he can do it, (I would be the crazy woman trying to chase them down to 
give them a hug,) but hunting is something he grew up doing. Some of his favorite 
memories of his grandfather came while spending time in the woods waiting for the
right deer to come along.

This is a picture of Hubby and his grandfather from May 2011... He will be greatly missed.

If you missed this blog post, Hubby's grandfather passed away one week ago today.

On Saturday, Hubby decided he needed to work with Hunter a little to hone his duck
retrieving skills. We walked over to one of the lakes in our neighborhood to let Hunter
practice his swimming and retrieving.

Just look at our boy swimming!

And a dripping wet action shot...

My favorite pictures are these two with Hubby and Hunter having a serious talk
about duck retrieval. They are both so focused!

After the swimming practice and duck hunting lessons were complete, it was time to
get ready to head to church for the candlelight Christmas Eve service. I didn't take pictures
while at church, but I did get Miss S to snap a quick one of my Christmas Eve outfit before
we went in. Temperatures were in the mid 70's, so short sleeves were needed.

After the service, we had dinner with friends at a Mexican restaurant called Jalapeno's 
and then headed back home to celebrate our own family Christmas Eve.

Once we got home Saturday evening, it was time to have our family Christmas. We
have always traveled on Christmas Day, so when Miss S was born, we made the decision
to do our little family's Christmas a day or two early so we would never feel like we were
being rushed. We open our presents early, have plenty of time to enjoy them, and our
time together, and then we travel on Christmas Day. That tradition may not work for
others, but it has been perfect for us through the years.

Here is a little peek at our Christmas, on Christmas Eve:

- Miss S and Shelley -

- Miss S and Rusty -

- Me and Rusty -

Hunter was wayyyy too excited about his 1st Christmas to slow down for a picture!
I quickly snapped this one while he was investigating a few of Miss S's opened presents.

Here is Hubby getting ready to give the Hunter and Rusty some of their Christmas
presents. All eyes are definitely on Daddy!

Miss S got several things for her dorm for next fall, plus lots of lululemon and Bath & Body.

Shelley popped over for a minute to investigate the goodies.

Hubby got several Polo and Guy Harvey tee shirts, plus some duck hunting gear.

 I of course, got lots of yummy smelling goodies from Bath & Body Works, a few
cloths, and an awesome gift card.

But I think the funniest picture of the night has to be this one of me showing off
my new cheetah robe and my bag from Bath & Body Works!

You know there has to be one in every family, haha!

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and I can hardly wait for you to come back
tomorrow, so I can tell you all about our Christmas Day fun!

I hope your Christmas celebration brought you much joy, happiness, love and
laughter as well. I will see you tomorrow.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Little Drained

This week has been a little draining. Monday, should have been a really happy day 
filled with lots of love. Monday was mine and Hubby's 24th wedding anniversary!

Instead, Hubby's grandfather passed away. Hubby spent half of the day traveling
in hopes that he might make it to see him before he died.

On Tuesday, it would have been Drake's 10th birthday.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Drake and Hubby playing together. This was
taken about eight years ago. Drake loved to run, jump, and play!

On Wednesday, I made the trek through Christmas traffic to Target to check on
my glasses and sunglasses that I ordered on Dec. 10. When I arrived, they realized
that the lab had made a mistake when making my lenses. They made dark lenses for
my regular glasses, and clear lenses for my sunglasses. Soooo totally backwards!
What a mix up!  This kind of thing could only happen to me, haha!

And now today... we are getting ready to travel for Hubby's grandfather's funeral. I
will probably cry for Hubby, and that will spark crying some more because I still
love and miss our Drake.

Yes, it has been a draining week, but I do realized we have so many blessings and
so much to be thankful for. I don't mean to whine and complain and act as if we
are the only people in the world having an unexpectedly emotional week.

We have our health and each other, plus we have three happy, healthy fur babies
ready to love on us any time we want. We have plenty of blessings and reasons
to be thankful, and I will remember to count them today.

I love our little family!

I may not pop in again until after Christmas, so if I don't "see" you until
next week...

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

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