Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tip Tuesday { All About Brows Follow Up }

Welcome back to A Kristian Lifestyle!

About 10 days ago, I did an All About Brows post that showed lots of tips, 
tutorials, and even video tutorials on how to get your brows on fleek!

You may remember, we began that post by checking out this article that shows

Once we were properly motivated and in awe of the eyebrow possibilities, we looked at 
a few picture tutorials on shaping and defining brows...

You may remember these.

Tutorial #1


Tutorial #2


You can watch the full tutorial video here...

Tutorial #3

 Tutorial #4

After my original post, I had a sweet reader comment that doing brows as a blonde 
was also a challenge. She made such a great point! I realized that all my tutorials showed 
darker brows which are certainly challenging enough, but I realized that blondes have a 
whole other set of challenges. I wanted to update the original post to offer some help 
for you ladies with blonde hair, lighter hair colors, and even red.

The following pictures offer suggestions for what colors to choose based on brow
color and hair color. These products are Anastasia products which are available
HERE and HERE, but you certainly do not have to use Anastasia products. Just
use this chart as a color guide so you will know what you are shopping for.

see entire article here

Here are two fair haired tutorials...

see entire article here

see entire article here

And one more guide for choosing the color range that may work best for you...
see all available Anastasia Brow Wiz Duo colors here

Again, use this as a color guide. There are certainly other options and you do not
have to purchase Anastasia products. They do all receive rave reviews, but if you are
like me, I will typically try several affordable drug store items before rushing out to
buy the pricier products.

And for redheads...

If you are a redhead, click HERE to see this quick and awesome before/after 

Here are three brow products I have tried and like...

I picked this up at my local Walmart, and use the shade Auburn. It also comes in
the shades blonde, soft brown, and deep brown.

I define my brows with this palette and then apply brow mascara as a finishing touch.

I use this one, also in Auburn...

I just recently purchased this e.l.f Brow Pencil and have used it several times.

I like this pencil, but for me, the palette and brow mascara are easier to apply.

It takes me longer when I try to use the pencil. I do think I will like it once I have 
had a little more time to practice with it.

Here are a couple of recent pictures of my brows.

They certainly are not "goals" or "on fleek" as the teens today say,
but I am not going to give up!

I will keep playing around with products and practicing. Brows frame the eyes and
make us look more youthful, so I do believe they are worth the effort.

I hope you will find something in the post helpful and will be on your way
to achieving the brows you've always wanted.

Have an awesome day friends!

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