Thursday, November 3, 2016

Three Things Thursday ~ All About Brows!

Happy Thursday to you!

Today's post is just for the ladies out there.  This post is all about getting
fabulous brows, so if makeup and girly stuff isn't your thing, feel free to skip 
this post and check back tomorrow! :)

If you are curious what the fuss is about, keep reading and take a few minutes
to watch the videos.

... the fabulous brows edition!

For a little eyebrow inspiration, you can check out this article that shows

Let's get started and learn how to get...

Tutorial #1


Tutorial #2


You can watch the full tutorial video here...

Tutorial #3

Bonus: Tutorial #4

I hope you found a little inspiration and insight here today for getting the
eyebrows of your dreams. Until recently, I never thought there was any hope
for mine, but after experimenting with these tips, I am happy to say that I
now know that isn't the case. Try them for yourself and I think you will be
as amazed as I was that such a small part of your face can make such a huge
difference. Mine certainly aren't as beautiful as those seen here today, but I
am learning. Practice makes perfect is what they say!

I'll see you tomorrow!

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