Monday, November 28, 2016

Our Thanksgiving Break

Happy Monday everyone!


- Sunday 11/20 -

You may remember this post from last Monday, where I showed this crazy car pic of 
us packed and headed to the beach to kick off our Thanksgiving Break.

We may have looked like the Clampetts since we were packed to the brim, but we had a
safe trip and received this view as our reward.

- Monday 11/21 -

While we were in Orange Beach, Alabama, we discovered the most adorable little coffee shop.

I talked all about The Southern Grind coffee shop in this post.

And who could forget the coffee shop selfie I took? haha!

The Southern Grind is conveniently located at a fun shopping and site seeing area called 
The Wharf.  After we enjoyed our coffee, we were ready to do some shopping. 

But first, some pics...

We loved that Orange Beach was already decorated for Christmas. It's so fun to see the
beauty of the beach and palm trees with the beauty of Christmas decorations. It was

After a few pictures, it was time to get to shopping!

Last year, Miss S and her friend rode this huge ferris wheel, but this year they were just 
too busy shopping to do it again. Isn't it a grand and beautiful sight? I love how it is
framed by palm trees.

One cute store at The Wharf was called The Orange Grove. This store is southern with a
coastal flair. What could be more perfect than that? Just look at this cute sign that was 
outside the door of the store's entrance.

After we shopped our fill at The Wharf, we headed to another favorite place.


Target is awesome no matter where it is located, but let me tell you...

If you are ever close to the Target in Gulf Shores, Alabama, stop immediately and go inside.
(You will thank me later!) It was the cleanest and most organized Target that I have ever been
to, and the "Dollar Spot" area was fully stocked. It was by far the best Dollar Spot section I
have ever seen. That section in our local stores is always picked to death, but this one was
fresh, neat, and filled to the brim with goodies. We were all pinching ourselves, haha!

- Tuesday 11/22 -

Also on our trip, I made a quick stop at the Harry & David outlet store in Foley. It is hard to
find fun flavors of decaf coffee, but Harry & David never disappoint.

I have been drinking their Christmas Blend Butterscotch & Caramel ever since our trip, 
and I love it. The Northwest Blend has been a favorite of mine for several years, 
so I picked up another bag of it as well.

On Wednesday, it was time to say goodbye to our view and head home sweet home 
to see the fur babies.

On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, we headed to my parent's house for Thanksgiving lunch. 

This was what was playing on their T.V when we arrived. Hallmark Channel sure knows 
how to make any holiday feel even more special. This was on the Hallmark Movie 
and Mystery channel Thanksgiving morning. They do something similar on 
Christmas Day as well. Be sure to check it out Christmas Day.

Of course no holiday is complete without a few family pictures!

me, Hubby, and Miss S

my parents with Miss S

Friday morning started with Gluten Free chocolate chip pancakes for Miss S. She was a
happy camper and all was right with the world...


When we put up our tree, only the bottom lights worked. We have terrible luck
with Christmas trees and typically have to replace ours every three years. No one in
our house has the patience to string lights on a tree, so pre-lit is the best option for
us. (when they work!)

Miss S and I hopped in the car, and headed to Hobby Lobby for a new tree. We found
this flocked beauty and brought it home.  Hunter was thrilled with the new
tree, and kept trying to lick the "snow" off the branches.

Since this will be his very first Christmas, he wanted to pose by the new tree.
(I'm sure he thinks we bought it especially for him.)

Our star tree topper matches our new tree perfectly.

As soon as all of our Christmas decor is complete, I will do a Christmas home tour
for you. My goal is to have that ready to share by Friday.

Saturday involved more decorating, the watching of two Hallmark Christmas movies,
and some football.

Sunday was way less relaxing!

After church, and lunch, it was time to trim the bushes in front of our house.

I know my dad is breathing a sigh of relief right now, because these bushes were in desperate 
need of trimming! His lawn is always immaculate, so I know the thought of our awful, 
overgrown shrubs was bothering him.  ;)

What a Thanksgiving Break we had! Lots of traveling, shopping, food, and Christmas
cheer, plus a bit of manual labor thrown in to keep us grounded, haha.

WHEW! That turned in to a long post, so if you made it all the way here I sure
appreciate YOU! I hope you have a wonderful day, and hope to see you back 
here tomorrow!

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