Thursday, November 10, 2016

Life Lately

Miss S and her AP Government class was told that if they took a selfie outside of
the polling place that they would get a bonus point in their class.

Here are two pics that proved she was there!

When Miss S and crew finished their selfies, Hubby and I went inside to cast our vote.

Kitty baby eased outside on the deck to see if the weather was feeling like fall. She must
not have been overly impressed because about 30 seconds later, she was headed back
inside the house.



I love this sweet baby girl.

Speaking of sweet babies...

Furry blanket + Mommy's lap = happy Rusty.

Hunter has been in rare form this week. I have no words. At least no kind words.

Exhibit A 


So those are pretty much the highlights from our mixed up, messed up,
crazy per usual week.

I'll see you tomorrow! Thanks for reading today!

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