Friday, November 25, 2016

Do I Have to Move? This May Sound Crazy!


Is anyone else completely exhausted from this holiday week?

Between the traveling, the shopping, the traveling, and the shopping, I just want to 
lie down on the couch and cover myself with a cozy blanket and not move a muscle!

Don't get me wrong, our Thanksgiving week has been absolutely wonderful, but
all the fun has left this mama tired. 

I kind of just want to lay on the couch, snuggled up with a blanket and my doxie and 
watch this over and over again for the next two days...

The only problem with this revival is that once these four episodes have been watched,
then I will have to mourn the loss of Gilmore Girls all over again! I've been counting
down the days until I could watch, and now that the day is here, I don't want to watch 
because once I watch, they will be gone again.

It might just be too much for me in my tired post-traveled, post-Black Friday state
of tiredness. Especially on the day that I found out that Florence Henderson passed
away. It's just the end of too many good things. Sigh, St. John's Wort anyone?

So, the actual plan for today is to deck the halls with Christmas. I have already taken
down most of my fall decor, so I will need to finish that and then move on to Christmas. 
Who can be sad when Christmas decorations are being put up? Surely it isn't possible!

I will sign off for now, and see you back here on Monday to recap the rest of our 
Thanksgiving Break week. I hope you are enjoying yours and getting to spend
time with loved ones doing all the things you enjoy doing.

Are you decorated for Christmas yet?

Will you be watching the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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