Monday, November 7, 2016

A Roller Coaster of Emotions

Happy Monday!

Well, a new week is here, but first we need to recap the weekend!


Friday was an emotional day for the Senior class at Miss S's school. It was 
the last high school pep rally that they will ever be a part of, and it was the 
last high school football game that the Senior football players will ever play. 
It was also a loss in the first game of the playoffs. Miss S said there was 
barely a dry eye in the stadium. The senior year is passing way to quickly for 
all of us. I can not believe my baby girl will be graduating from high school
in six short months.


On Saturday, Miss S went with her future Auburn roomie and family to visit
Auburn for a sorority Family Day. Miss S's roomie has an older sister that is
in her second year at Auburn, so they went to visit and also to spend time at
their future home. 

They are so excited and are even counting the days until they make the move. I think
they are about 268 days away from completely and totally breaking my heart.

It hit me Saturday while Miss S was away that now I am able to wait for her to come
back home from her visits to Auburn, but before I blink, Auburn will be her new home, 
and she won't be coming home to me at the end of each day. Needless to say there were
tears on my part on Saturday. Hubby tries to say everything will be fine, and we will
all be okay, but I have a feeling we are going to be two very lost, and very sad puppies 
in just 268 short days.


Sunday took an unexpected turn when Miss S woke up feeling absolutely 
awful. She felt (and looked) so terrible that we ended up here...

After a nose swab, a throat swab, and some blood work, we found out that Miss S
has walking pneumonia.

They gave her two shots, and two prescriptions, and we go back on Friday for a 
recheck and another antibiotic shot.

My poor girl had a roller coaster of a weekend!

I am thankful that she is still at home and I can take her to the doctor and then
bring her home to take care of her. It's going to be a long two hour drive when
she calls from Auburn next year and says she is sick. That is a day that I am
certainly dreading. I probably should be finding a friend with a helicopter. I can
already tell you that being two hours away from my child is going to be hard
enough when she is happy and healthy. If she is sick, I will be distraught.

I am seeing that this post is looking mostly like doom and gloom, so I am going
to end it right here before I depress everyone!

I promise it wasn't my intention to be down and out today! I'll take my Mopey
Mommy award and sign off, lol.

I will find my happy pants before tomorrow's post, I promise!

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