Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekends Are For Selfies?

Hello and welcome to a new week!

When I last saw you, on Friday, I was about to head out to get my hair cut.
I am a chronic ponytail user, and keep searching for a style that will allow
me to wear my hair down without losing my mind.

Here I am before my hair appointment....wearing my hair partially pulled back
in a ponytail holder. (Yes, this is my "fancy" hairstyle, and yes this is a salon
bathroom selfie, haha.)

Here is what went down while I was in the chair...

And here is a "look at me now" selfie after my appointment...

I love it! My hair feels light, bouncy, and full of life.

When I got home, I asked Miss S to assist me by taking an "after" picture.
Clearly I will be the next big fashion blogger! ha!

After our little mini photo session, Miss S got ready to head out to the
high school football game. Her team won again and is now qualified to
play in Round 1 of the playoffs. They even get to host the playoffs on
their home field. All of the seniors are pretty excited that they get one
more game at home! It was a happy night for the Hornets!

- Saturday -

I was loving my new style so much that I tried to snap a selfie with Hunter
on Saturday. Let me just tell you... If you want a picture with this almost 7
month old wild man, you had better snap fast! He never stops moving.

 - Sunday -

After church on Sunday, Hubby, Miss S and I had lunch at Logan's Roadhouse.

There was a huge floor to ceiling mirror in the bathroom that Miss S and I
couldn't resist. (And...I'm not wearing a ponytail holder!)

Time for more selfies!

Take 1.... I'm looking in the mirror, Miss S is looking at the phone.

Take 2... Now Miss S is looking in the mirror and I am looking down at the phone.

Take 3.... well, lets just say the moment had passed, and Miss S wasn't
feeling selfies with mom anymore, haha. Look at that expression!

So, we weren't able to capture the perfect pic, but can we talk about Miss S's
snakeskin booties for a second?

Are they not completely and totally amazing?! Oh my goodness I love them, and
at the risk of completely horrifying my daughter, I would seriously add them to my 
Christmas list if they were not sold out everywhere in my size.

If you are interested, you can check for your size here.

Oh well, for the sake of fashion, it pays to be an impulse shopper.
The one that waits around is the one wearing plain solid black booties
in the above pic.  Sigh.

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Thanks for reading today and I hope to see you back tomorrow.
I hope your Monday will be marvelous!


  1. I love your new haircut! Very flattering :) I got my hair cut on Friday, and nearly did the same thing. I have long hair and it's almost always up because it's like wearing a blanket when it's down.

    1. Thank you so much! I completely understand about your hair. I am loving the lighter feel of my new style. My goal is to only pull out the ponytail holder during workouts!
      Thanks for reading today!! :)


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