Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekends and Hashtags

Look who's wearing something other than gym clothes!

 Hubby and I had dinner at Zaxby's Friday night, and I wore actual clothes! Not gym
clothes, not a tee shirt and shorts. It's a wonder Hubby recognized me, haha.


Hubby wanted to run some errands Friday night, so we grabbed a quick bite at
Zaxby's. We just weren't up for a 45 minute wait at other restaurants, and knew 
we could grab a chicken finger plate quickly and painlessly. Not the healthiest
thing we could have eaten, but it was pretty good. 

After we ate, we headed over to Bass Pro Shops to look for a few hunting
necessities since bow season comes in on Oct 15.

I don't mind when Hubby wants to go here, because they always have plenty of
goodies for women to look at while their husbands are lost in all the camo.

I was so super happy to find a candle that I have not been able to find for years!

When my mom was in the hospital six years ago, I bought a candle from the hospital
gift shop. I absolutely loved the scent, and have not been able to find another like
it since then. Low and behold, Bass Pro Shops had ONE. Yes, ONE candle in the
scent I had been looking for.

The Cafe Au Lait scent is the only candle I've ever seen that actually smells like coffee.
Any others that I have tried end up smelling like chocolate when they are burning.
Having my house filled with the smell of chocolate is NOT what I want or need.




After Bass Pro Shops we got the wild idea to try to track down some BBQ sauce
that Hubby and Miss S love. We could buy it easily when we lived in North Alabama,
but have not been able to find it in the Birmingham area. Hubby had called about
ordering the sauce to have it shipped, and was told that select Piggly Wiggle stores 
in our area carry it. Neither one of us has been in a Piggly Wiggly store in YEARS,
so we were on a mission. Hubby called a store and was told they had six bottles in
stock. We asked them to hold them because we were on our way.


We sent Miss S the picture of the sauces and she actually squealed with delight!

People around her were very confused about the excitement over BBQ sauce.
I guess this is one of those things, you have to try to see what the hoopla is 
about. Like I said, Hubby and Miss S are obsessed with this sauce!



The rest of our weekend was spent relaxing at home.

Well, actually Hubby worked on his hunting land on Saturday morning, and played
golf on Sunday after church, and Miss S saw friends Saturday night and Sunday
night, so I suppose technically I was the only one who spent time relaxing at home, ha.



Today is Columbus Day, and Miss S is out of school. We plan to run a few 
errands, and have lunch with my parents! I'm so looking forward to seeing them!

Oh! I almost forgot. I updated my "About Me" page. You can read the updated
page here if you're interested.

Hope you have a great day and I will see you back here tomorrow!


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