Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Truth Tuesday - A Dupe Don't

I make no promises about the quality or content in the blog post. This morning
started off as one big hot mess, and I am still dazed from the aftermath. My
nerves are still frazzled!

It all started when Hubby got up around 5:15 this morning. He normally
gets up at 6:00. and I stay in bed until around 6:20-6:30. Well, THIS morning,
the dog's assumed that 5:15 was really 6:00, so they immediately went into
"everyone wake up, let's eat, and play, and party" mode.

Rusty started his coughing fits, and Shelley started snarling and hissing because
Hunter was 100% wide awake. Then Hunter randomly got choked up and yakked
in our bedroom floor. ALL of this before 5:30 in the morning is a LOT to deal with
for anyone, especially this non-morning person girl.

Sometimes just living in our house is exhausting! This morning was one of
those times, for sure. 

Everything with four furry legs seems to be settled for the moment, so I am going
to try to talk about a beauty product to avoid. I will call it a "Beauty Dupe" fail.

I've been investigating "Beauty Dupes" on Pinterest lately. I figure with a child
heading to college next year, I could help out our situation just a little by finding
some regular, drug store make up products that work as well as the high end, 
expensive ones.

I was running out of my usual mascara and thought I would experiment with
a "dupe" according to Pinterest.

I usually use this mascara...

It has been my favorite for years, and works beautifully on me, so as I type this post, 
I am questioning why I felt the need to try something different, 
but nonetheless, I did, so let's continue...

I have been hearing SO MUCH hype about two high end mascaras.
Miss S has this one by benefit, and loves, loves, loves it...

available here for $24

 I also hear lots of hype about this mascara from Too Faced...

available here for $23

Well, the crazy urge to experiment with mascara began when I saw this...

While grocery shopping over the weekend, I bought the mascara "dupe" from
Rimmel. Now granted, I have never tried the expensive version by Too Faced,
but I CAN tell you that I will never, ever buy the Rimmel again.

The applicator wand is HUGE. I mean scary and intimidating huge.

WHY oh WHY would anyone want to come at their eye with an applicator that
is this big and fluffy? I hated it and it was terrifying. Never mind that the result of
using the mascara dupe was very disappointing, It was not nearly as good as my old
faithful Maybelline mascara.

But, before throwing the Rimmel Scandeleyes away, I took it to Miss S to try,
She opened it, approached the mirror, and immediately said, "Oh my gosh, this
is so scary!"  I had not said a word to her about it, and she had the exact same
thoughts about the applicator wand that I did.

I am tempted to give up on looking for "dupes" because by the time I try
three or four of them, I have spent the same amount that I would have spent
on buying the actual high end product.

I don't want to overreact, or give up too soon though, so I will keep you 
posted. If I find an affordable product that I really love, I will let you know!

Do you like trying new products, or do you stick to your tried and true favorites?

Is there a "dupe" that you have tried and love?

I will see you Thursday!

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