Thursday, October 6, 2016

Three Things Thursday

Woo Hoo! It's that time of the week where I share three RANDOM nuggets of
goodness with you. No boundaries, no rules, no expectations. You never know
what three things I'll be sharing on a Thursday! How fun is that?!

Okay, so maybe that intro was a little bit hyped up, but nonetheless, let's get
right to it! Here are three random things from our week...

- one -

I love happy surprises!

When I got home from work yesterday, I found a wonderful surprise on my front

My parents were in town for a doctor's appointment and had dropped by my house
and placed two beautiful yellow mums on my porch. My day was made!

They are just the finishing touch that I needed to complete my fall porch. I
had wanted to buy some mums for myself, but hadn't because I have a totally 
irrational fear of having a nasty critter get in my car when I buy plants or 
flowers. I mean, I would probably jump out of my car while it was moving, 
that's how bad I hate creepy crawly critters!

I'm so happy to have such wonderful, thoughtful parents, and that my porch
finally feels perfectly decorated for fall. I'm one happy and blessed girl!
Thank you again Mom and Dad! You are THE BEST and you are SO LOVED!

- two -

Have you heard about the 'fab fit fun' seasonal subscription box?

I had heard of it, but never really had given it much thought. I have heard
about similar subscription boxes before, and knew I would not be interested
in subscribing to something that would arrive at my door every single month.
I mean, 12 shipments a year is A LOT, and could get pretty pricey!

But this subscription is seasonal and is only delivered 4 times a year.
I watched this YouTube video about the Fall box and was really impressed
with the contents. Now I want this darn box!

Like I said before, happy surprises are awesome, and this subscription box
looks like it would be a super happy surprise 4 times a year.

Watch this video to see all the goodies that were in the fall box and tell me
if you agree...

I mean, $200 worth of happy goodies for only $49.95. Such a neat
idea in my opinion.

No, I'm not selling the boxes, or trying to convince anyone to subscribe,
but just sharing because I think it seems like such a fun idea.

Christmas is coming (and coming faster than you think!) and I think this
would be an awesome gift idea.

- three -

And, I saved the best for last!

Miss S is officially accepted and is an official Auburn Tiger!

If you follow me on Facebook, or on Instagram, THIS is the picture of
the college acceptance letter that you saw...


What you didn't see was the behind the scenes pictures.

Wait for it...

My girl is a mess!

She is the absolute light of my world. She makes me laugh, and has such a
fun spirit. I am going to miss her next year, but Auburn is so
lucky to have her coming their way.

Alright guys! This edition of Three Things Thursday is a wrap!

I hope you have a great day, and I hope to see you back here tomorrow.

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