Friday, October 14, 2016

This Week in Our Mostly Happy, Way Crazy Life

This has been one of those weeks where you just hold on and hope for 
the best!

Let me give you just a tiny little peak at our life lately...


Monday was Columbus Day, and Miss S was out of school. 

We had a mini family gathering at Longhorn's at lunch time.

So far, so good.

Then on Tuesday, things started to get a little weird!


It was spirit week for Homecoming 2016 at school this week, and on Tuesday the theme
was "Riding Nerdy." Miss S and friends dressed up as "gangstas!" 

Tuesday night:

On Tueday night, Miss S and her friend SC went to a coffee shop to hear a band
called Lany.

I know I am getting older because I had never even heard of them. Still couldn't tell
you one single song that they sing!

After the group played, Miss S and SC met the lead singer and had their picture taken
with him. They were pretty darn excited about that!


Wednesday's dress up day was "Way out Wednesday" or "Out of this World


Thursday was Senior "Senior" dress up day.

Isn't Miss S the cutest little granny you ever did see?!

The Senior class had a ball with this one. At one point, the whole senior class
laid down in the hallway and claimed "they had fallen and couldn't get up."

The underclassmen couldn't change classes because the Seniors were blocking
the way.

Don't worry, the principal approved this shenanigan and was standing guard to
be sure everyone was safe.

THIS photo below was captioned "Grannies Gone Wild."

OMG! These girls are something else!

Last night was one BIG hot mess in our house. Hunter was wild, the cat was in
rare form, and that just scratches the surface!

At one point, the cat actually sent my laptop crashing off the table and onto the floor.
My mouse did not survive the fall, but so far my laptop is still working.

Another night like last night, and I may be packing my dachshund and checking
into a hotel for the night to escape the madness! ha!


Today is Miss S's last high school homecoming dance.

I would say cue the tears, but I think I shed most of them during yesterday's madness.

Miss S and her friends are getting ready together and then taking pictures
at a local park. They they will be going to dinner, and then on to the dance.

Fingers crossed the drama is dialed WAY down low today!

I will plan to see you back here on Monday!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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