Monday, October 3, 2016

Some BIG NEWS And a Recap!

Well hello there Monday! Back so soon?

It's a new day, a new week, and a new month, so let's get this party started!
Let's recap our weekend!

I last saw you on Thursday of last week, because on Friday, we were headed to
Auburn University for a college visit. I promised to take lots of pictures, so
get comfy and let's talk about our Auburn visit.

Before we do the recap, let me tell you our BIG NEWS!

Miss S has officially been accepted to Auburn University to begin Fall Semester 
of 2017. We are absolutely thrilled for her! She has received the acceptance 
email and her "letter in the mail" is on it's way! 

Okay, so on Friday, we headed to Auburn for an open house at the CADC (College of 

Miss S felt like she may have an interest in Industrial or Graphic Design, so we
wanted to check out the Open House to learn more. The Open House was interesting,
and informative, and Miss S left there knowing that neither one of those majors was
right for her.

But, while we were in Auburn for the day, we were able to tour The Village dorms.
Those dorms are so nice! Miss S has been going back and forth trying to decide
which dorm to request, so this tour was quite helpful.

Here is a floor plan of The Village found on Auburn's housing website:

The other dorm that she is considering is the more "typical" old school dorm style...

(Trust me, we have toured this dorm room style in previous AU visits, and this diagram 
makes it look way bigger than it looks in reality!)

During our visit Friday we also got to tour the Recreation and Wellness Center
that opened in 2013. Wow! Wow! Wow! All I can say is WOW! I'm pretty sure
I need to move to Auburn next year and get a job working there instead of my gym
here, haha!

I took a few pictures during our tour, but they really don't do the facility justice. It is
absolutely beautiful.

The pool area is like something you would find at a resort. With a pool like this
right on campus, I hope Miss S is able to make it to class, haha. Despite our
best efforts to deter her, my girl loves to tan!

And the paw print hot tub will seat 45 college students at one time.

Right in the center of the Rec Center is this Zen Garden.

It is a soundproof sanctuary where students can come to meditate, do their own yoga
practice, or just to escape from the noise that's going on around them.

And if you want to watch other college students act like they have super powers, you can
visit the ridiculously scary rock climbing walls...

I feel pretty sure that Miss S won't be spending much time here! 

After our tour, we had lunch and then said our goodbyes to the Industrial and 
Graphic Design Open House.

We had hoped to visit a few other places while on campus, but since it was 
Homecoming weekend for Auburn, the crowds and traffic were getting
unbearable. I did take a picture on our way off campus of the oak tree on
Toomer's corner that was set on fire after the LSU game two weeks ago.

I am no tree expert, but the tree doesn't look too terrible to me. I feel like the tree 
may just come back next spring and be fine?

We will be heading back next month for the Open House that is specifically
for students interested in majoring in Architecture. I will let you know how
that one turns out. :)

I think this post has gone on long enough, so please check back tomorrow as I
share the rest of our weekend and about why TODAY is a special day for a 
certain Labrador Retriever.

Thanks for spending time with me today, and I look forward to seeing you
back here tomorrow!

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