Friday, October 28, 2016

Helllllo Friday!

Thank goodness it's Friday!

This has been one crazy week around here. I can't quite put my finger on the
exact day or time that everything went south for us, but nonetheless it surely
did. I am happy to see the weekend on the horizon! Hopefully we can regroup
and take things at a little slower pace next week.

But, TODAY, it is time for some favorites!

This has been my favorite manicure for the past couple of weeks. 

I know there are different opinions on whether glitter polish is in or out right now, 
but I love the sparkle of the gold and silver with the nudey mauve polish.
Sparkle makes me happy and is still a winner in my book. :)

While we are on the subject of sparkle, I found these glasses at Target this week
and I absolutely love them. I just knew I would be sad if I left these gold sparkle 
confetti glasses behind. I've been drinking out of them all week, and they just
make me happy! 

Also at Target, are these hilarious food Halloween costumes...

The pizza, french fries, and hot dog are adorable, but my favorite has to be the
bacon and eggs. Oh my goodness that costume makes me chuckle!

They are dressing up today at Miss S's school and two of her friends are dressing
up as a hot dog and as a hamburger. Miss S and a few others decided they would be
the condiments that go along with the hot dog and burger.

Miss S dressed as Miracle Whip today!

Ohhhhh teenagers! Haha!

I'm going to end this post on that note, and get going with my to do list.
The sooner I get in and OUT of the grocery store, the sooner I can begin
to enjoy my weekend!

Thanks for reading today, and I hope to see you again on Monday!

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