Friday, October 7, 2016

Furry Fights, Autumn Cozy, and Football!

Hello Friday and hello again Friday Favorites!

Here are a few of my favorite things from the week...

- one -

On Monday, this little blonde cutie turned 6 months old! We actually got him to sit
still for a few seconds to snap a few pictures. 

Hunter is always in motion and looking for something to chew, bite, eat, or pull on.
Climbing, running, jumping, chasing and retrieving are just a few of his favorite
pastimes. I think the expression, "all boy" best describes him.

The only one in the house that can slow him down is this girl...

This is Shelley right after she hissed at Hunter and backed him across the family
room. Let's just say she is NOT Hunter's biggest fan! She is the most mild mannered,
loving cat on the planet until a certain bouncing, 65 pound lab puppy comes near. At 
this point, she is "done" and let's him know it!

- two -

Miss S can not get enough of this iced coffee! She is obsessed and has been
through so many cartons this season.

Last fall, I was super excited to find this one...

But I will have to admit, that the one by International Delight is our favorite 
this year.

- three -

Miss S got the official letter this week! She has been accepted to Auburn
University for Fall '17.

I think my silly girl is just a little excited!

She would probably say that getting this letter would have to be one of the best
days of her life. She is so happy, and so ready to go to college.




- four -

My porch being decorated for fall is another one of my favorite things! The oranges
and yellows just make my little porch area feel so happy.

My fall mantel makes me happy too. The warm autumn colors just feel cozy
and make me want to stay home and relax.

- five -

And since the other fur babies have made an appearance here today, I can not
leave out my favorite little dachshund (even if the picture is a little blurry.) 
This little guy makes my heart so happy!

Rusty is Mommy's little angel all day everyday.

He is my little sweetheart and gives me so much love and happiness.

Why oh why can't fur babies live forever?

This weekend...

It looks like we've got a couple of good football games to watch this weekend.

Miss S's team (Auburn) will take on Mississippi State at 11:00 tomorrow,
and Hubby and I will be cheering for Alabama as they take on Arkansas.

Other than football, I'm not sure what other plans will develop. I've reached
the stage in my life where staying home is one of my favorite things to do,
so if no plans pop up, that's good by me!

I think I will make a big pot of chili and get cozy!

Do you prefer to stay in, or go out on the weekends?

Will you be cheering for a favorite team?


  1. Love your fall decor and mantle!! So cozy!! Congrats to your daughter on the acceptance to Auburn!!


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