Monday, October 31, 2016

Food Group Friday and Saturday Shopping

Happy Monday!

When we last talked on Friday, I mentioned that Miss S had headed off to school
dressed as Miracle Whip because some two of her friends were dressing up as
hot dogs and hamburgers for their school's Halloween dress up day.

Here is Miss S...

Here are the friends all dressed up too...

We've got Miracle Whip, ketchup, mustard, salt, pepper, a cheeseburger, bacon, a 
hot dog, a banana for dessert, and even a chef to prepare it all, haha. They had a blast.

Friday night was much less exciting. Miss S babysat all evening, Hubby spent the 
night away so he would only have a 10 minute drive to get to his favorite hunting 
spot, and I spent a quiet evening at home with Netflix and the fur babies. A quiet 
night at home was 100% okay by me though.


Saturday was a girls shopping day. Miss S and I headed out about 10:30 Saturday

Our first stop was here...

Miss S picked out a couple of things to get for Christmas, and then had fun
spending some of her babysitting money.

I have had my eyes on this eye shadow palette and even had it in my hands several times...

but I just couldn't justify spending $45 on it. It is so pretty, but I already
have the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette so I just couldn't justify buying this
one just because it is beautiful.  I don't really need it, so I chose to leave 
it behind. Gosh, why do I have to be so practical, haha.

After Sephora, we headed over to Belk so Miss S could drool over the
Free People section.  

Free People clothing is all the rage at Miss S's school, so she has to check out the 
sale section at Belk any time we get near it. My girl is a smart shopper and rarely 
pays full price for such pricey brands. I am proud that she is conscientious
and tries to find deals as often as possible.


Next up was one of my favorites...

I was a little disappointed that none of their new scents really tempted me.
I actually left the store empty handed. 


We also went to these stores:

When we left The Summit, you all know where we went next.

Any guesses?


I bet you guessed it.

Did you guess Target?

If you did, you are a winner and you a faithful reader!

Well that about wraps up the fun parts of our weekend. The rest was not particularly
share worthy, so I will bring this post to a close.

Thanks for checking in with us today. I hope you have a happy Monday,
and a...

See you tomorrow!


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