Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Family Fun and Spirit Week

Yesterday, Hubby, Miss S and I had lunch at Longhorn's with my parents. I hadn't
seen them since we had lunch together for Hubby's birthday at the end of August,
so it was a visit that was long overdue!

My dad (Papa) is about to enjoy a slice of Longhorn's homemade bread, and I think Hubby
just may be stressing a little thinking about how much he has to do at work after lunch.
The concrete business is crazy busy right now and I feel bad for how stressed he has been
lately. I don't really know how he does all that he does!

I insisted he stand still long enough to snap a quick family picture. I know one
day when Miss S is grown up and starting a life of her own, that this will become
a treasured photo. Time is passing, and things are changing way too quickly!

Everyone got a good giggle from my shirt! Have you ever seen anything more perfect
for me, haha?

It was super sunny, kind of windy, and cars were driving all around us, so this is
the best one we could get of me and Miss S with my parents. Not the best posing, 
but still a precious memory.

This one was taken inside while we were waiting for our food...

I love this girl of mine!

I ordered the Grilled Chicken and Strawberry Salad. Just look at those glazed
pecans on there, and gimme all that feta cheese! This salad is shamefully high in 
calories, but it really, really good. I think I should probably take an extra long
walk today to help balance things out!

Spirit Week for Homecoming starts at Miss S's school today.

Today's theme is "Riding Nerdy." The upper class men are supposed to dress
in gangster style, and the under class men are supposed to dress as nerds.

Here is my little gangster...

Lol! How is it than she can wear absolutely anything and still look amazing?!

That girl has my whole heart!

I think I hear the treadmill calling my name...I will see you back here on
Thursday. Have a great day!

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