Thursday, October 27, 2016


Oh my goodness! It is already Thursday, and I am supposed to have a blog post
ready for you on Thursdays.


This has been one of those weeks where you almost forget if you are coming
or going. It's been a wild and busy week for sure.

I don't have much 'share-worthy' material for you, but I will share with you a
few people I have been watching lately on YouTube. I don't get the time to
watch every day, but when I do find a few minutes, these are three of the people 
I try to keep up with. I hope to be able to slow down and watch their newest 
videos today or tomorrow.

Here's what I'm excited to watch next,  in case you want to watch too!

I have 10 or so people that I will watch as time allows. Most YouTuber's post
one or maybe two videos per week, so watching doesn't take up as much time as 
it sounds like it might, and it is so funny how attached you get to these people. 
You feel like they are actually people you know! It's kind of crazy, haha.

Alright, it is now 1:45 on Thursday afternoon, and I am going to eat some lunch
and then in a few hours, I will be making Vegetable Beef Soup for dinner.

(Let's all just pretend that it isn't 84 degrees outside right now and instead
pretend that the weather actually feels like fall. Then, the Vegetable Soup sounds 
like a much better idea!)

I fully plan to see you back here tomorrow. I'm not sure yet, what we'll be
talking about, buy I plan to be here! I hope to see you back too. :)

Hope you are having a great Thursday!

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