Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Busy Girl's Guide to Nail Polish Removal

If you are like me and love the way your nails look when they are perfectly 
painted, then this post is for you. I feel so much more polished and put
together when my nails are done, but would much prefer doing them myself
at home over heading to the nail salon on a regular basis.

The noise of multiple conversations happening at once, the strong smells of
multiple people using nail polish remover at once, and people speaking a language
I don't understand, is not my idea of a relaxing time. I feel tense and stressed,
rather than relaxed and pampered.

This little hack is so good that you will never dread doing your own nails at
home again! When your current nail polish starts to chip, use this simple tip to
remove it effortlessly and paint them fresh again.

Miss S taught me this super simple tip and it has made my life so much easier.
With this hack, nail polish removal is a breeze. No more rubbing and scrubbing,
and smearing, and fighting with the old polish you are trying to remove.

Simply start with the nail polish remover of your choice, 5 cotton balls, and a 
pair of scissors.

Use the scissors to cut each cotton ball in half. 5 cotton balls when cut in half
will give you 10 cotton ball pieces.

To effortlessly remove your polish, simply apply nail polish remover to each cotton 
ball and press the saturated pieces on your painted nails.

Let this sit on your nails for about 45 seconds, (no need to be exact) and
them simply wipe clean.


Yes, it really is that easy!

Next, simply repeat the process on your other hand. I have been using this simple,
easy tip for several months and it works like a charm every single time.

I can assure you that with this simple tip, you will never dread removing your
own nail polish again. When you use this simple tip, there will be no need for you 
to walk around with chipped nail polish. All you need now is remover, cotton balls, 
a pair of scissors and a couple of minutes.

Have a great day friends!

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