Tuesday, October 4, 2016

An Easy Button And a Special Day

If you are anything like me, you are always on the lookout for ideas and suggestions 
that can make your life a little easier. Let's face it, the saying, "The struggle is real" 
wasn't started without good reason. Sometimes the little things in life are just way 
more annoying and time consuming than they should be.

For example... Does anyone really look forward to grocery shopping? It's a task
that everyone must do, but takes entirely too long to accomplish. Generally from 
start to finish, it takes me about 2 hours to complete. About 35 - 40 minutes of that 
is drive time, and 15 minutes is hauling the groceries into the house to put away,
and when you include the time you spend searching for items in the store, you
have a good two hours of your day gone.

Well, thanks to Walmart Grocery, I now have an easy button for grocery shopping
and I am so thrilled about it!

Last week, as we would run out of items, or think of items that we would like
to have to eat, I would simply log on to the Walmart Grocery site and add those
items to my grocery cart. Finally on Thursday, my list was compete and I was 
ready to place my order. Since we were going to be in Auburn with Miss S on
Friday, I wanted to pick up my groceries on Saturday morning. I chose a time
Saturday morning that was convenient for me, and placed my order.

When Saturday morning came, I hopped in my car and headed to Walmart to
pick up the groceries that I had ordered. I left my house a little after 11:00,
and even with almost 40 total minutes of drive time, I was back home, with my 
groceries loaded in my car a few minutes after 12:00.  I never even had to get 
out of my car!

I didn't have to listen to screaming children, I didn't have to wait for anyone to move
their shopping buggy out of my path, I didn't have to dodge Walmart staff trying to

When I arrived at Walmart...

I pulled my car into one of these parking spots.

I called the Pickup phone number to let them know I had arrived. Within 6 or 7 
minutes, they rolled my groceries out and began loading them into my car. 
(I think I heard angels singing!)

I even received free gifts for using their new Pickup service!

I received this cute little lunch bag filled with snack size grocery items like cereal,
goldfish, and protein bars, and got to choose which color of fall mum I would like.

This is not a sponsored post or an ad of any kind, but let me tell you, Walmart has
made me a happy girl with their new Grocery Pickup service. Do yourself a favor and
try this as soon as it comes to your area!

In other news...

I mentioned yesterday that it was a special day for a certain Labrador.

Hunter was 6 months old yesterday!

Here is Hubby and Hunter after a little playtime with a duck decoy.

My handsome boys! Love these two!

Let's take a quick look back...

The day we got him... July 9, 2016:

His first outside bath...

Growing....and growing...

Labor Day pool fun...

Shenanigans with brother...

And now...

6 months old and 65 pounds!

He doesn't look as much like a puppy anymore, but definitely still acts like one.
He does have a loud, "big boy" bark, but will put anything and everything in his
mouth. He is certainly all boy! He jumps, and runs, and climbs, and is exhausting!

Playing and eating are huge favorites and sleeping is done only as a last resort!

I can hardly wait to see what the next 6 months brings with this silly, happy,
playful, curious boy.

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