Monday, October 17, 2016

A Look Back

Happy Monday to you!

This is my current mood at the moment...

I am off to a slow start on this Monday morning. Lots to do, but still waiting
on the "get up and go" to do it!

Before I attempt to tackle that to do list, let's recap our weekend. 

Friday night was Miss S's last high school homecoming dance.

Before I could send Miss S off to dinner and to the dance, we had to
take some pictures. I may be partial, but I think Miss S looked absolutely

And some with friends...

And just for fun, (or possibly to make me get all emotional,) let's take a look back
at Miss S's homecoming dances from all of her high school years...

9th grade:

10th grade:

11th grade:

Where did the time go? I know I am sounding like a broken record, but
I can not even imagine what life will be like with her 2 hours away at college
next year.

Okay, okay, enough of the feeling sorry for myself and wanting to freeze
time in it's tracks!

Saturday and Sunday were not nearly as eventful as Friday's homecoming
dance. Hubby did not even see a deer while hunting Saturday morning,
and then the rest of our weekend involved watching football, church, golf,
Hallmark movies, and chili.

On that note I will wrap up this post and wish you a Happy Monday!

I will see you tomorrow!

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