Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Weekend Recap and Fall Decor

Hello everyone and hello Tuesday!

Let's jump right in to our weekend recap!

Friday night:

Miss S and friends did the usual fall Friday night routine...

the local high school football game! Her team won again and are now
4 - 1 this season. 

While she and her friends were cheering on their team, Hubby and I headed
to Mugshots for the best burger on the planet!

I've always, always said the Five Guys has the best burger, but I think Mugshots
just may have changed my mind. Even Hubby agreed that it was pretty darn good,
and let me tell you, his compliments don't come that easily, so if the burger received
his stamp of approval, it is probably worth the calories! ;)


Saturday, we all kind of went our own way and did our own thing. Miss S headed 
out for a study session, I headed out to help out at our gym by working at the
front desk, and Hubby headed to work on his fields at the hunting club.

Saturday evening, we were all home together and he was at the grill! He grilled up
steaks and made baked potatoes in the oven. After dinner we settled in to watch the
Auburn/ LSU game, and whoa! The game was pretty slow until the last second of
the game. I think my mouth may still be hanging open in shock from that last play!
I'm glad I saw it, or I wouldn't have believed it.


After church, and after lunch with Mother-in-law, Miss S and I headed out for
some Sunday afternoon adventures.

Here are a few clips from our fun at World Market, Starbucks, and on our ride
through tour of The University of Alabama's campus...

Miss S's friends are visiting various college campuses like crazy, and she has only visited
Auburn. I think she has been a little concerned over the fact that others are making so
many visits, while she has only made one.  

We figured we would drive through Alabama's campus, and I could show her (again)
where my dorm was, the buildings where I had classes, Sorority Row, etc.

As we were getting close to the campus that I love and graduated from, I could
feel excitement and emotion bubbling up inside me. It's hard to explain, and is
an odd sensation, but it just makes me happy to be on UA's campus. I felt young
again and so very happy and excited to be there!

At the exact moment I was feeling those things, Miss S said to me, "I just don't
get a special feeling when I am here. I get that excited rush of emotions and
almost tear up when I am at Auburn." She said words that we both needed to
hear. The feelings that I feel at Alabama, are the same feelings she feels at Auburn.

I now know (and she does too) that Auburn is 100% the right place for her.

Alabama was right for me, and Auburn is right for her. I think we both needed
that confirmation and that peace of mind, and we, without a doubt, got it on Sunday
afternoon. It was an emotional, happy little moment shared between mother and
daughter. (I am tearing up, just typing about it, so let's move on to a new subject

At World Market on Sunday I found more pumpkin goodies!

You may remember my pumpkin stash from Target a few weeks ago...

Pumpkin obsessed! Send help, haha!

Speaking of pumpkin, here is my fall decor for this year...

Come on over, Rusty wants to give you the tour!

Sorry the pic is a little blurry, but he is just too cute not to share!

Let's start on the front porch...

Come on in to our foyer...

Next is our dining room...

and the hallway outside the kitchen...

and finally we stop in the family room to play with these two loves...

Thanks for touring our home today to see our fall decor. I know you are leaving
here better than when you came in, because you are now probably wearing dog
hair and puppy kisses!

Maybe I should give you a lint roller on your way out the door. :)

Have a great Tuesday, and I hope to see you back here on Thursday!

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