Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday Talk

Yesterday was filled with vacuuming, laundry, cooking, (we had Mix and Match
Mama's Brunswick Stew for dinner last night) a little organizing and 
planning, and an attempt at yoga, (which failed pretty miserably.)

Hunter just can not understand why I would lay on the floor and NOT want to
play. It's just a concept that he can't quite grasp. Apparently in a dog's mind,
if you are on the floor you are clearly there to play. I suppose since he is only 
5 1/2 months old, I will give him a break this time. After all, he sure is
a handsome boy! Who could stay mad at that sweet face?

Another face I love and can't get enough of is this sweet little face...

Rusty is a little angel and is never more than a step or two away.

When he curls up beside me to sleep, my heart just melts. This little sweetie fills
my life with so much love.

Shelley is still not 100% on board with Hunter being a part of our family, but as long 
as he respects that she needs her own space they do okay together. And the fact that
she can climb higher than him certainly doesn't hurt!

Hunter is starting to get a little braver each day. His "big boy" bark is becoming 
stronger and the cute little puppy bark is starting to fade. Sometimes I think
he even surprises himself when he hears himself bark!

He is also learning to hold his chew toy between his front paws so he can chew
it. Up until this point he would try to prop the toy on us to hold it in place.

In this picture he was taking a break from turning this empty coke bottle into
a chew toy. He also loves ice. When an ice cube falls on the floor, he grabs it
and runs to a safe spot to play with it. When the ice cube starts to melt, he 
chews it up and eats it like a treat.

No day is dull around our house, that's for sure. But I have to say that puppy
shenanigans are some of my favorite kinds of shenanigans!

Happy Tuesday to you, and I'll see you again on Thursday!

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