Monday, September 19, 2016

The Weekend With No Agenda

Friday night:

Miss S was at the high school football game, (her team won!) so it was Pizza
Night for me. Hubby had been on a dove hunt and wasn't home yet, and Miss
S was cheering for her team, so I wanted something quick and super simple.

Not super creative, but I did add a little extra cheese, ha!

Hunter was just hanging out, patiently waiting for his Daddy to get home.


Saturday, Hubby went on another dove/pheasant hunt while Miss S went to the mall 
with her bestie. I relaxed at home and enjoyed not having any specific agenda for 
the day.

No plans = extra Rusty snuggles!

I did watch part of the Alabama football game. Unfortunately, the first half of the
ballgame was one hot mess for Bama, so I diverted my attention with a movie on
Hallmark Channel.

Miss S picked up dinner for us from Chicken Salad Chick on her way home 
from shopping Saturday evening.

I had Olivia's Old Fashioned chicken salad on a croissant, and she had the 
Buffalo Chicken salad.


Sunday included the usual... church, lunch with Mother-in-law, and family time.
Yes, Miss S actually spent all of Sunday afternoon at home with us! Not sure
how that happened but we certainly aren't complaining.

Our weekend was pretty quiet, but sometimes quiet weekends are exactly 
what we need to reset for the next week.

Today, I plan to get started with my fall decorating.

I think I may just be the last person on the planet to decorate.

My parents decorated their front porch on Friday, and it looks fantastic...

Even my Mother-in-law has gotten ahead of me and has a fall wreath on her door!

I've got to get my rear in gear!

Happy Monday everyone, and I'll see you tomorrow!

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