Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Might As Well Make The Most of It

Hello again! 

I'm not sure if it's my laptop or if there is a problem with our internet today, but whatever the reason, blogging from my computer is not possible for the time being. I'm guessing the problem is with Charter. They typically have an Internet issue two or three times each month, so I'm going to assume the problem is theirs. 

Blogging from my phone is not nearly as fun as blogging from my laptop. It's much harder to add images and impossible to preview what the post will look like when it goes live on the web. 
So please overlook the aesthetic and brevity of today's post. 

Since my laptop won't be distracting me today, I should have no problem getting my to-do list conquered. I might as well be productive today! Fall decor, I'm all yours! Unfortunately the vacuum cleaner is also vying for my attention, and thanks to Charter, I am running out of reasons to avoid it, ha! 

Thanks for reading today, and again please excuse this post's aesthetic. 

I plan (and hope) to be back again on Thursday with a better looking post!!

Have a great day!


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