Thursday, September 29, 2016

Let's Do Lunch!

Oh my goodness! Where did the time go?

Is it really Thursday already? 

Check out the snippet of fall weather we are having right now in the 

Time slipped up on me this week so this is going to be a quick pop in with lots of 
random goodness. 

Let's call this one... 

"This and That Thursday:"

(If you and I were to go out for lunch together, these
would be the things that I would tell you!)

-  We will be attending an Open House at The CADC (College of Architecture 
    Design and Construction) at Auburn University on Friday, so I won't see you 
    again until Monday. Miss S is interested in those areas as a possible career path
as of right now, so we are going to spend some time exploring that option.

- I promise to take lots of pics to make up for my absence!

- My mother-in-law is coming this afternoon and will be spending the night and 
pet sitting for us while we are gone for the day tomorrow. 

- Hunter is absolutely obsessed with ice cubes! When you put ice in a cup, he will 
come running from anywhere in the house to get a piece. He chews them right up, 
just like he is eating a treat.

- Can you believe that Saturday will be October 1? September sure came and went
 in a hurry! 

- Not to alarm anyone, but we are less than 12 weeks away from Christmas. Isn't that a 
scary, crazy thought?!  I'm a bit concerned about how my Christmas tree will fair with 
an 8 month old puppy in the house. (Hunter will be 6 months old on Monday, October 3.)
He is doing okay with the fall decor so far, so maybe he will do fine with my Christmas
decor too. Fingers crossed because this girl is not going without a Christmas tree!

- I caught an unexpected glimpse of my legs in the mirror while wearing shorts today and 
man do I look pale! I may seriously need to find a good self tanner. Yes, it's that bad! 
Any recommendations? I've never had too much luck using it in the past. 

-  Miss S is having trouble with gluten lately. If she eats bread, pasta, crackers, etc. she is 
miserable within minutes. Looks like I'll be looking for and learning new recipes very 
soon. I made one of her favorites (Chicken and Stuffing in the crock pot)  and even 
though I halved the amount of stuffing I used, she was still miserable after eating 
dinner.  Suggestions welcomed and appreciated. 

- Bow hunting season starts in just a couple of weeks (Oct. 15) and Hubby is so
excited about it. 

- Debbie Macomber has a new book coming out on October 1st and I want to
read it. I need to get my request in to the library asap.

Thanks for reading my crazy mish mash of thoughts today. I look forward to 
catching up with you again on Monday!

Maybe we should do lunch again soon! ;)

Have a great weekend!

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