Thursday, September 22, 2016

It Is Just So Frustrating!

Happy 1st day of fall!

When I popped in on Tuesday, I was blogging from my phone because we
did not have any internet service at our house.

The issue continued all day and after a lengthy phone call to Charter, we
discovered that the problem was with our router, not our internet.

So, it was off to Walmart for a little unexpected router shopping.

Wow! Who knew there were so many kinds or that they were so expensive?!

Finally by bedtime Tuesday evening we were back online.

Until yesterday...

I had absolutely no internet access from my laptop ALL DAY yesterday.

Not one single minute of internet access.

My phone would connect to our wifi. My ipad would connect to our wifi, but
my laptop would not even think about joining the fun.

This brings back my fear and suspicion, that my laptop is going to need
to spend some time in the "shop" (whatever you call places that fix computers?) 
being looked at and worked on.

It is working (mostly) for this moment, but sadly that can all change in the 
blink of an eye. And once it goes out, it could be hours or days before it
is cooperative again. It keeps telling me that the wifi is turned off. What
does that even mean? 

All I see are messages that look like this...

(And just that fast, it's gone again 
and I'm now finishing this post from
my phone. It's SO frustrating!!!)


I most likely won't be back until Monday to check in with you.

Let's cross our fingers and hope that I will know something more then,
and can get back to blogging as usual.
I miss "talking" to you all. :(

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