Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!

It's time for...

Miss S bought this awesome little set from Ulta and has been raving all week
about the products inside.

She is absolutely loving the Benefit Roller Lash mascara

She said she will never use another mascara again because this one is her
absolute favorite. My girl has been a low-key beauty guru for about 5 years now
and has tried many, many product from high end to drugstore. Trust me, when
she says something works well, she knows what she is talking about.

Strangers stop her on a regular basis to complement her brows and her eyes;
not even kidding!

Her brows and her lashes are two things she takes very seriously, so if these 
products received her seal of approval, they had to make their way on to my 
weekly Friday Favorites list.

Me on the other hand, I'm over here buying anything and everything that
says the words "anti-aging."

Exhibit A...

I love this anti-aging lip treatment from Almay. I also found it at Ulta.
I had looked for it at Walmart and Target, but so far Ulta is the only
place to have it.

Not only does it feel silky and hydrating on your lips, it gives your lips a
really pretty, glossy shine.

I have been wearing it non-stop anytime that I'm not wearing lipstick. If you
are one of those lucky girls that looks great with a no-makeup face, then you
could use this product and call it a day. I think it makes your lips look so pretty!

Also, I have been burning this candle almost non-stop this week. It is 
absolutely my favorite right now. I caught them on sale this week for
$12.50 and bought two more! Love this scent!

I have also been loving my pumpkin spice coffee and snack stash this week.

Probably my absolute most favorite snack item would be these...

Miss S isn't pumpkin spice obsessed like I am, but even she liked these!

I'm so crazy over pumpkin spice season that I've even got my dad on board!

I was so happy when my mom sent me this picture of him and HIS stash of
pumpkin spice goodies.


Hopefully we will be getting a few cooler temperatures soon so I can slip my
feet into my new cozy slippers. They are so super soft! It feels like slipping your
feet into a snuggly, furry, blanket. (A little too warm and cozy for our current
weather....97 degrees yesterday, but I am looking forward to relaxing my tootsies
in these soon!)

Our plans for the night...

Miss S's high school football team will be playing in town tonight. They are playing
a rival high school that's only about 12 miles away, so she will be heading out to cheer
on her team tonight. Hubby and I haven't made plans yet, so we could very well end
up staying in and watching the special Friday night edition of Big Brother 18. The show
wraps up on Wednesday night, so the competitons and evictions are getting super 
important at this point! Maybe it will be a pizza and Big Brother kind of night!

Happy Friday to you and have a great weekend!

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