Thursday, September 29, 2016

Let's Do Lunch!

Oh my goodness! Where did the time go?

Is it really Thursday already? 

Check out the snippet of fall weather we are having right now in the 

Time slipped up on me this week so this is going to be a quick pop in with lots of 
random goodness. 

Let's call this one... 

"This and That Thursday:"

(If you and I were to go out for lunch together, these
would be the things that I would tell you!)

-  We will be attending an Open House at The CADC (College of Architecture 
    Design and Construction) at Auburn University on Friday, so I won't see you 
    again until Monday. Miss S is interested in those areas as a possible career path
as of right now, so we are going to spend some time exploring that option.

- I promise to take lots of pics to make up for my absence!

- My mother-in-law is coming this afternoon and will be spending the night and 
pet sitting for us while we are gone for the day tomorrow. 

- Hunter is absolutely obsessed with ice cubes! When you put ice in a cup, he will 
come running from anywhere in the house to get a piece. He chews them right up, 
just like he is eating a treat.

- Can you believe that Saturday will be October 1? September sure came and went
 in a hurry! 

- Not to alarm anyone, but we are less than 12 weeks away from Christmas. Isn't that a 
scary, crazy thought?!  I'm a bit concerned about how my Christmas tree will fair with 
an 8 month old puppy in the house. (Hunter will be 6 months old on Monday, October 3.)
He is doing okay with the fall decor so far, so maybe he will do fine with my Christmas
decor too. Fingers crossed because this girl is not going without a Christmas tree!

- I caught an unexpected glimpse of my legs in the mirror while wearing shorts today and 
man do I look pale! I may seriously need to find a good self tanner. Yes, it's that bad! 
Any recommendations? I've never had too much luck using it in the past. 

-  Miss S is having trouble with gluten lately. If she eats bread, pasta, crackers, etc. she is 
miserable within minutes. Looks like I'll be looking for and learning new recipes very 
soon. I made one of her favorites (Chicken and Stuffing in the crock pot)  and even 
though I halved the amount of stuffing I used, she was still miserable after eating 
dinner.  Suggestions welcomed and appreciated. 

- Bow hunting season starts in just a couple of weeks (Oct. 15) and Hubby is so
excited about it. 

- Debbie Macomber has a new book coming out on October 1st and I want to
read it. I need to get my request in to the library asap.

Thanks for reading my crazy mish mash of thoughts today. I look forward to 
catching up with you again on Monday!

Maybe we should do lunch again soon! ;)

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Weekend Recap and Fall Decor

Hello everyone and hello Tuesday!

Let's jump right in to our weekend recap!

Friday night:

Miss S and friends did the usual fall Friday night routine...

the local high school football game! Her team won again and are now
4 - 1 this season. 

While she and her friends were cheering on their team, Hubby and I headed
to Mugshots for the best burger on the planet!

I've always, always said the Five Guys has the best burger, but I think Mugshots
just may have changed my mind. Even Hubby agreed that it was pretty darn good,
and let me tell you, his compliments don't come that easily, so if the burger received
his stamp of approval, it is probably worth the calories! ;)


Saturday, we all kind of went our own way and did our own thing. Miss S headed 
out for a study session, I headed out to help out at our gym by working at the
front desk, and Hubby headed to work on his fields at the hunting club.

Saturday evening, we were all home together and he was at the grill! He grilled up
steaks and made baked potatoes in the oven. After dinner we settled in to watch the
Auburn/ LSU game, and whoa! The game was pretty slow until the last second of
the game. I think my mouth may still be hanging open in shock from that last play!
I'm glad I saw it, or I wouldn't have believed it.


After church, and after lunch with Mother-in-law, Miss S and I headed out for
some Sunday afternoon adventures.

Here are a few clips from our fun at World Market, Starbucks, and on our ride
through tour of The University of Alabama's campus...

Miss S's friends are visiting various college campuses like crazy, and she has only visited
Auburn. I think she has been a little concerned over the fact that others are making so
many visits, while she has only made one.  

We figured we would drive through Alabama's campus, and I could show her (again)
where my dorm was, the buildings where I had classes, Sorority Row, etc.

As we were getting close to the campus that I love and graduated from, I could
feel excitement and emotion bubbling up inside me. It's hard to explain, and is
an odd sensation, but it just makes me happy to be on UA's campus. I felt young
again and so very happy and excited to be there!

At the exact moment I was feeling those things, Miss S said to me, "I just don't
get a special feeling when I am here. I get that excited rush of emotions and
almost tear up when I am at Auburn." She said words that we both needed to
hear. The feelings that I feel at Alabama, are the same feelings she feels at Auburn.

I now know (and she does too) that Auburn is 100% the right place for her.

Alabama was right for me, and Auburn is right for her. I think we both needed
that confirmation and that peace of mind, and we, without a doubt, got it on Sunday
afternoon. It was an emotional, happy little moment shared between mother and
daughter. (I am tearing up, just typing about it, so let's move on to a new subject

At World Market on Sunday I found more pumpkin goodies!

You may remember my pumpkin stash from Target a few weeks ago...

Pumpkin obsessed! Send help, haha!

Speaking of pumpkin, here is my fall decor for this year...

Come on over, Rusty wants to give you the tour!

Sorry the pic is a little blurry, but he is just too cute not to share!

Let's start on the front porch...

Come on in to our foyer...

Next is our dining room...

and the hallway outside the kitchen...

and finally we stop in the family room to play with these two loves...

Thanks for touring our home today to see our fall decor. I know you are leaving
here better than when you came in, because you are now probably wearing dog
hair and puppy kisses!

Maybe I should give you a lint roller on your way out the door. :)

Have a great Tuesday, and I hope to see you back here on Thursday!

Monday, September 26, 2016

A Little Sneak Peek

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope all of you have more energy than I do today. Apparently our weekend festivities 
are catching up with me today and I am one tired momma! Like so tired that my brain
is not wanting to spell or put together coherent sentences today.

Poor spelling and incoherent sentences will not necessarily make an enjoyable
blog post, so I want to share a quick sneak peek of my fall mantel for this year,
and then leave you with a promise to catch you up on our weekend, and share
all of my fall decorating with you, either tomorrow, or Thursday. I hope you will
consider that a fair deal! :)

Here is our fall mantel all dressed up for fall!

I am enjoying the warmth that the orange and red colors are bringing to the room right
now. If I burn a fall scented candle, and don't go outside, I can almost believe it is fall.

As long as my computer is willing and able, I will be back tomorrow to catch you
up on our weekend, and to show you more of our fall decor.

(I took my laptop to the Geek Squad at Best Buy on Friday, and we thought
that the issue was resolved, but I am now having issues with terribly S-L-O-W
internet speed. No one else in our house is having this problem, so I am afraid
that another trip is going to be needed. I'm afraid that my laptop has other 
underlying issues. Stay tuned...)

Have a great day and I hope to see you here tomorrow!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

It Is Just So Frustrating!

Happy 1st day of fall!

When I popped in on Tuesday, I was blogging from my phone because we
did not have any internet service at our house.

The issue continued all day and after a lengthy phone call to Charter, we
discovered that the problem was with our router, not our internet.

So, it was off to Walmart for a little unexpected router shopping.

Wow! Who knew there were so many kinds or that they were so expensive?!

Finally by bedtime Tuesday evening we were back online.

Until yesterday...

I had absolutely no internet access from my laptop ALL DAY yesterday.

Not one single minute of internet access.

My phone would connect to our wifi. My ipad would connect to our wifi, but
my laptop would not even think about joining the fun.

This brings back my fear and suspicion, that my laptop is going to need
to spend some time in the "shop" (whatever you call places that fix computers?) 
being looked at and worked on.

It is working (mostly) for this moment, but sadly that can all change in the 
blink of an eye. And once it goes out, it could be hours or days before it
is cooperative again. It keeps telling me that the wifi is turned off. What
does that even mean? 

All I see are messages that look like this...

(And just that fast, it's gone again 
and I'm now finishing this post from
my phone. It's SO frustrating!!!)


I most likely won't be back until Monday to check in with you.

Let's cross our fingers and hope that I will know something more then,
and can get back to blogging as usual.
I miss "talking" to you all. :(

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Might As Well Make The Most of It

Hello again! 

I'm not sure if it's my laptop or if there is a problem with our internet today, but whatever the reason, blogging from my computer is not possible for the time being. I'm guessing the problem is with Charter. They typically have an Internet issue two or three times each month, so I'm going to assume the problem is theirs. 

Blogging from my phone is not nearly as fun as blogging from my laptop. It's much harder to add images and impossible to preview what the post will look like when it goes live on the web. 
So please overlook the aesthetic and brevity of today's post. 

Since my laptop won't be distracting me today, I should have no problem getting my to-do list conquered. I might as well be productive today! Fall decor, I'm all yours! Unfortunately the vacuum cleaner is also vying for my attention, and thanks to Charter, I am running out of reasons to avoid it, ha! 

Thanks for reading today, and again please excuse this post's aesthetic. 

I plan (and hope) to be back again on Thursday with a better looking post!!

Have a great day!


Monday, September 19, 2016

The Weekend With No Agenda

Friday night:

Miss S was at the high school football game, (her team won!) so it was Pizza
Night for me. Hubby had been on a dove hunt and wasn't home yet, and Miss
S was cheering for her team, so I wanted something quick and super simple.

Not super creative, but I did add a little extra cheese, ha!

Hunter was just hanging out, patiently waiting for his Daddy to get home.


Saturday, Hubby went on another dove/pheasant hunt while Miss S went to the mall 
with her bestie. I relaxed at home and enjoyed not having any specific agenda for 
the day.

No plans = extra Rusty snuggles!

I did watch part of the Alabama football game. Unfortunately, the first half of the
ballgame was one hot mess for Bama, so I diverted my attention with a movie on
Hallmark Channel.

Miss S picked up dinner for us from Chicken Salad Chick on her way home 
from shopping Saturday evening.

I had Olivia's Old Fashioned chicken salad on a croissant, and she had the 
Buffalo Chicken salad.


Sunday included the usual... church, lunch with Mother-in-law, and family time.
Yes, Miss S actually spent all of Sunday afternoon at home with us! Not sure
how that happened but we certainly aren't complaining.

Our weekend was pretty quiet, but sometimes quiet weekends are exactly 
what we need to reset for the next week.

Today, I plan to get started with my fall decorating.

I think I may just be the last person on the planet to decorate.

My parents decorated their front porch on Friday, and it looks fantastic...

Even my Mother-in-law has gotten ahead of me and has a fall wreath on her door!

I've got to get my rear in gear!

Happy Monday everyone, and I'll see you tomorrow!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!

It's time for...

Miss S bought this awesome little set from Ulta and has been raving all week
about the products inside.

She is absolutely loving the Benefit Roller Lash mascara

She said she will never use another mascara again because this one is her
absolute favorite. My girl has been a low-key beauty guru for about 5 years now
and has tried many, many product from high end to drugstore. Trust me, when
she says something works well, she knows what she is talking about.

Strangers stop her on a regular basis to complement her brows and her eyes;
not even kidding!

Her brows and her lashes are two things she takes very seriously, so if these 
products received her seal of approval, they had to make their way on to my 
weekly Friday Favorites list.

Me on the other hand, I'm over here buying anything and everything that
says the words "anti-aging."

Exhibit A...

I love this anti-aging lip treatment from Almay. I also found it at Ulta.
I had looked for it at Walmart and Target, but so far Ulta is the only
place to have it.

Not only does it feel silky and hydrating on your lips, it gives your lips a
really pretty, glossy shine.

I have been wearing it non-stop anytime that I'm not wearing lipstick. If you
are one of those lucky girls that looks great with a no-makeup face, then you
could use this product and call it a day. I think it makes your lips look so pretty!

Also, I have been burning this candle almost non-stop this week. It is 
absolutely my favorite right now. I caught them on sale this week for
$12.50 and bought two more! Love this scent!

I have also been loving my pumpkin spice coffee and snack stash this week.

Probably my absolute most favorite snack item would be these...

Miss S isn't pumpkin spice obsessed like I am, but even she liked these!

I'm so crazy over pumpkin spice season that I've even got my dad on board!

I was so happy when my mom sent me this picture of him and HIS stash of
pumpkin spice goodies.


Hopefully we will be getting a few cooler temperatures soon so I can slip my
feet into my new cozy slippers. They are so super soft! It feels like slipping your
feet into a snuggly, furry, blanket. (A little too warm and cozy for our current
weather....97 degrees yesterday, but I am looking forward to relaxing my tootsies
in these soon!)

Our plans for the night...

Miss S's high school football team will be playing in town tonight. They are playing
a rival high school that's only about 12 miles away, so she will be heading out to cheer
on her team tonight. Hubby and I haven't made plans yet, so we could very well end
up staying in and watching the special Friday night edition of Big Brother 18. The show
wraps up on Wednesday night, so the competitons and evictions are getting super 
important at this point! Maybe it will be a pizza and Big Brother kind of night!

Happy Friday to you and have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Three Things Thursday

Hello again and welcome to...

If you are currently dieting, close your eyes and scroll 
right past #1!

I don't want to be the reason that someone gets major cravings
and messes up their meal plan for the day!

If you are still here, and are reading #1 ....

Look at these two Limited Edition Flavors of Fiber One Bars.

Oh my! I will absolutely be on the lookout for these when I head to
the grocery store again. 

Miss S and I love the Fiber One cheesecake bars, and the chocolate chip 
cookies, so I am really interested in trying these two new flavors. 

It's almost time to bring out the fall decor!

I am currently waiting for the right decorating mood to strike.

For a little inspiration, let's take a look back to my fall mantel from 2014...

and to my fall mantel from 2015...

I will probably start bringing out some fall touches in the next week or so.

We are officially 7 days away from the first day of fall, so I better uncover
my decorating inspiration soon!

This is what I posted on snapchat yesterday of my sweet fur babies.

I love when the stars align and I'm able to get good pictures of all three of them.
Some days it is easier than others.

So that it pretty much what our life looks like this week.

Do you decorate for fall?

Have you tried any of the Fiber One snack bars?

Thanks for reading and I'll see you again tomorrow!

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