Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekend Recap

Our weekend kicked of with Friday Night Pizza Night!

We ordered pizza and stuffed cheesy bread for the win!

Miss S met a friend at the movies after eating a quick slice, and Hubby and I
spent the evening channel surfing in the family room.

Saturday morning started with Hubby playing in a golf tournament. 
(His team won 3rd place!)

Miss S started her morning with some snuggle time with Hunter.

Not long after Saturday morning snuggles, Hunter got brave and finally jumped into
our bed for the first time all by himself.

Just look at him smiling! He is so proud of himself!

Saturday night, Hubby grilled steaks and also make baked potatoes and salad for 
our dinner. Miss S chose to go to Starbucks with friends, and then to Moe's
for dinner. (Who chooses Moe's over steak???)

I took this picture Saturday evening while Rusty and Hunter were having their dinner.

Hunter quickly ate all of his puppy food and then proceeded to stalk Rusty hoping for a
bite of his. It looks like Hunter is saying, "MOOMMMMM! Rusty won't share!"

Rusty looks like he is saying, "Mom please get him outta here!"

Oh my, these two make me laugh.

After church on Sunday, I insisted Miss S take a quick pic with me. 

I can't believe my sweet, smart, funny, beautiful girl will be starting her SENIOR YEAR
of high school tomorrow.

I told her that she would be away at college on 51 weeks. I am mourning the thought,
while she is cheering!

And... that was our weekend.

This week is going to feel so strange with Miss S back in school. She will also be 
doing some babysitting after school, so adapting to our new schedules
is going to take a little while.

Today, I plan to get my Scrapbook room in order so I can be the completely over the
top mom and document every single second of Miss S's senior year. I am going to try
my best not to blink because I know if I do, I will find myself sitting at her graduation
and wondering where the school year went.




On that note, I better wish you a Happy Monday and sign off!

See you tomorrow!

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