Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tuesday Talk

It's Back To School time... Sigh.

Here is Miss S on the first day of school, of her SENIOR YEAR.

You may notice that her hair looks lighter. She got highlights yesterday and was so
super excited!

This was her yesterday, BEFORE highlights...

and AFTER highlights...

She is thrilled, and loves her lighter locks. It was just what she needed to give her a
little boost to help her feel ready for her Senior Year.

Her highlights were literally the highlight of the day!

Hubby had to go back in to work from 6:30 - 12:00 last night, and Miss S pretty much
stayed in her room Facetiming her friend Bdot and getting ready for the first day of
school, so I ended our day watching Bachelor in Paradise 3 and I kind of feel like it
was a waste of two hours.

I'm usually a fan of all things Bachelor and Bachelorette, but sorry Chris Harrison,
last night was lame. The "drama" just felt staged.

They brought Josh Murray back, and he pretty much acted like a conceited jerk for the
whole episode and it wasn't fun to watch. I liked Josh when he was on Andi's season of
The Bachelorette, but his character on Bachelor in Paradise 3 is of a total villain thus far.

 So as you can see, Miss S getting highlights, was the highlight of our day. Ha! See what
I did there! Just a little fun with puns! :)

I am hoping to see some sunshine today. Yesterday was mostly cloudy and rainy.
We need the sun to help brighten our  first day of school blues.

I hope you have a Happy Tuesday and I'll see you on Thursday!

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