Monday, August 29, 2016

The Toga and Birthday Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!

Our weekend was just full of crazy fun!

Friday was a "Togally" fun day at school for Miss S. For spirit day, the senior class
wore togas to school. Here is Miss S (in the green toga) with some of her friends.

Wow, to be 17 again, and be able to look great while wearing a sheet, haha!

The football team won it's second game of the season, so everyone is really hyped
about the successful start to the season.

Miss S and I continued the fun on Saturday with a little shopping excursion. Our
first stop was TJ Maxx.

I will go into more detail about the goodies we found in tomorrow's post. I've got lots of
birthday pics to share today and I'd hate to keep you here all day! :)

Check back tomorrow to see some things we loved and bought from TJ Maxx.

Saturday evening, we went out to dinner as a family. I love our little family of three!
I ordered the chicken quesadilla's, and they were delicious. The serving size was so 
large that I was able to bring over half of my meal home with us. I love when one meal
can be turned into two. Less work for me always makes my day!

Sunday on the way to church, we saw this...

I love the message on the tire cover of the Jeep. It still makes me laugh, even as 
I'm typing this today.

After church Sunday morning, we had Hubby's birthday party at a restaurant near 
our church. Our family and friends joined us to help Hubby celebrate.

Miss S was snapchatting while we were waiting on our drink orders, and Hubby wanted 
in on the fun...

Once we placed our orders for our meal, it was time for some presents!

Every time Hubby would open a present, he would plop the bow on top of 
Miss S's head. As you can see, she was thrilled by his little game. ;)

After presents, and lunch, it was time for some chocolate birthday cake...

And no party is complete without pictures!

Hubby and Miss S... A.K.A, my loves...

and Hubby and me...

Miss S with her Mamaw, and her Papa...

Hubby's mom and step dad managed to avoid pictures this time, but I will get 
them the next time!

We had a great time visiting with friends and family and celebrating Hubby!

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Thought for the week:

Thanks for reading today! I hope to see you back here tomorrow. :)

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