Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Shop With Me at TJ Maxx

I mentioned in yesterday's post that Miss S and I had a ball shopping at TJ Maxx 
on Saturday.

We weren't in a hurry, or looking for anything in particular, we were just there to
explore, relax, spend time together, and have fun. I was so thrilled to be spending
quality time with my girl!

We found lots of goodies on our shopping trip.

These portable snack packs of almond butter will be great in Miss S's lunch box
paired with apple slices.

We also love the Lesser Evil, Buddha Bowl Organic Popcorn. If I had to choose a
favorite, I would say the Himalayan Pink (on the left side of this silly selfie) would
be our favorite. The Cheddar flavor does not have a very strong cheesy flavor, so I
probably will stick with the Himalaya Pink flavor from now on. (The brand makes
several different flavors, but these are the two most commonly available in our area.)

The fall flavored coffees have arrived. I drink decaf coffee, so I was not able to
buy any of these fun fall flavors, but they sure looked tempting.

And this fall scented candle smells SO GOOD! TJ Maxx's candle prices are always
so good too. Way more affordable that going to the actual Yankee Candle store.

Just look at all the Fall and Thanksgiving decor!

How cute is this little truck? The bed of the truck even comes filled with pumpkins!

I know you will be amazed that I did not buy one single Fall home decor item.
I have so much already, that I just couldn't justify buying more right now.

I did however, buy a new lip product. Lip sticks are a weakness of mine, so with a price 
of only $1.99, I couldn't resist trying this one. The color is a little pinker than I want
as we move into fall and winter, but I do like the product. I will be on the lookout for
another color from this line to wear for fall, The pink color will be perfect in Spring 
and Summer.

Miss S needed a new blush, and we were both interested in trying a Kat Von D
makeup product. She has used it daily since Saturday and so far,she is very 
happy with this blush.

The dual shades allow you to make the color as subtle, or as dramatic as you want.

Ofcourse two girly girls certainly couldn't pass up these nail polishes. This is our first
Butter London polish, so we are excited to try it. I use the Essie Fill the Gap base
coat all the time and love it, so I was thrilled to find it for half the price that it costs
in other stores. TJ Maxx had it for $3.99. Yes, please!

And if you use nail polish very often, you know how quickly you go through
this stuff.

This will be our first time trying this Onyx Professional nail polish remover. The 
strawberry scent peaked our curiosity, plus buying it while we were at TJ Maxx saved 
us from having to make a separate stop at the drug store.

Not pictured...

We also picked up a couple of Halloween toys for the doggies, and Miss S got a 
thin sweater, and a great neutral sweatshirt. The sweater will be perfect for our
typically mild Alabama winters, and she wore the sweatshirt to school today over 
her outfit because some of her teachers keep the classrooms pretty chilly.

I would say we had a very successful trip to TJ Maxx. We certainly had a
great time shopping together. 

Do you like shopping at TJ Maxx?

What other stores are your favorites?

Have a great day!

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