Monday, August 1, 2016

Roses, New Toys, and Singing....A Weekend Recap

Hello Monday and hello August 1st!

Look who turned 4 months old over the weekend! 

Yes, our big footed baby is now 16 weeks old. To celebrate his birthday, he learned to go 
up and down the stairs in the house all by himself. Now that he has done it a few times,
he takes them like a champ. (at full speed and without hesitation!)

Another first happened this weekend...

I made my first layer cake. Typically I make brownies or cookies for dessert. I have also made 
a pound cake, a sheet cake, or cupcakes when the mood to bake something strikes, but this
is the first time I have tried making a layer cake. For some reason, the whole "layer" thing
has just seemed too hard, but I decided to take on the challenge this weekend and try my
hand at it.

You can see Rusty is standing by, just in case I need back up.

My cake won't win an award for being the prettiest in the world, but overall, I am
pretty proud of my efforts. (And my family certainly isn't having any trouble
eating it!)

Another fun part of the weekend was when Hubby brought me these beautiful red roses!

Hunter was quite the wild Indian on Friday, so Hubby brought me roses to cheer me up.
It certainly did the trick!

The boys got new toys this weekend. Rusty got a stuffed bunny, and is daring Hunter to
try to take it away.

Hunter got a stuffed cow, and immediately took his treasure into his kennel for safe keeping.

Shelley kept a safe distance from the hoopla by sitting high up on the chest by her food.

We started keeping her food up this high because it was the only place in the house that
Drake couldn't reach to steal it away from her. She actually enjoys having a spot where
she knows she is out of reach and can enjoy her food in peace.

On Sunday, our church had a two hour Celebration Service in honor of our pastor's
retirement. He has been pastor at our church for 29 years, and will certainly never
be forgotten. 

Hubby and Bro. Doug

The Celebration Service was mainly a singing service. Nine people sang, and there
were also three guest speakers.

I want to share a portion of the singing service with you here today. I recorded
some of my favorites. I think we really have some talented musicians in our church.
(Hubby is included in the Part 2 video!) 

The first song that Hubby sings on the Part 2 Video was not planned. Bro. Doug
just got up and walked over to our pianist and whispered in her ear. Then he pointed
to Hubby indicated that he was supposed to go up on the stage. 

The whole time he was singing the first song (Oh What a Savior), I kept thinking about 
my Ma-maw and Hubby's Bigmama. I could just picture them in Heaven gathering everyone 
around to listen. I will never forget the first time my Ma-Maw heard Hubby sing. She got
the most shocked look on her face and said, "He can't be singing that. There is no way that
such a BIG sound is coming from that little fellow." I smile just thinking about it!

It was a really special service and I was so happy Miss S was home from the beach to
be a part of it.

Join me back here tomorrow and I will share a few pictures of Miss S's trip to
Grayton Beach. I will also tell you who she met while she was there. She was
super excited about it!

One more thing before I go...

I found this Bible Reading Challenge on Pinterest several weeks ago and vowed
to start it when the new month rolled around.

And here we are, in a brand new month, so I want to get started. Who couldn't use
a little help finding more joy in their life?

 I'd love to hear from you if you plan to follow along with the daily scripture reading.

 Have a great day, and I'll see you tomorrow!

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