Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Shop With Me at TJ Maxx

I mentioned in yesterday's post that Miss S and I had a ball shopping at TJ Maxx 
on Saturday.

We weren't in a hurry, or looking for anything in particular, we were just there to
explore, relax, spend time together, and have fun. I was so thrilled to be spending
quality time with my girl!

We found lots of goodies on our shopping trip.

These portable snack packs of almond butter will be great in Miss S's lunch box
paired with apple slices.

We also love the Lesser Evil, Buddha Bowl Organic Popcorn. If I had to choose a
favorite, I would say the Himalayan Pink (on the left side of this silly selfie) would
be our favorite. The Cheddar flavor does not have a very strong cheesy flavor, so I
probably will stick with the Himalaya Pink flavor from now on. (The brand makes
several different flavors, but these are the two most commonly available in our area.)

The fall flavored coffees have arrived. I drink decaf coffee, so I was not able to
buy any of these fun fall flavors, but they sure looked tempting.

And this fall scented candle smells SO GOOD! TJ Maxx's candle prices are always
so good too. Way more affordable that going to the actual Yankee Candle store.

Just look at all the Fall and Thanksgiving decor!

How cute is this little truck? The bed of the truck even comes filled with pumpkins!

I know you will be amazed that I did not buy one single Fall home decor item.
I have so much already, that I just couldn't justify buying more right now.

I did however, buy a new lip product. Lip sticks are a weakness of mine, so with a price 
of only $1.99, I couldn't resist trying this one. The color is a little pinker than I want
as we move into fall and winter, but I do like the product. I will be on the lookout for
another color from this line to wear for fall, The pink color will be perfect in Spring 
and Summer.

Miss S needed a new blush, and we were both interested in trying a Kat Von D
makeup product. She has used it daily since Saturday and so far,she is very 
happy with this blush.

The dual shades allow you to make the color as subtle, or as dramatic as you want.

Ofcourse two girly girls certainly couldn't pass up these nail polishes. This is our first
Butter London polish, so we are excited to try it. I use the Essie Fill the Gap base
coat all the time and love it, so I was thrilled to find it for half the price that it costs
in other stores. TJ Maxx had it for $3.99. Yes, please!

And if you use nail polish very often, you know how quickly you go through
this stuff.

This will be our first time trying this Onyx Professional nail polish remover. The 
strawberry scent peaked our curiosity, plus buying it while we were at TJ Maxx saved 
us from having to make a separate stop at the drug store.

Not pictured...

We also picked up a couple of Halloween toys for the doggies, and Miss S got a 
thin sweater, and a great neutral sweatshirt. The sweater will be perfect for our
typically mild Alabama winters, and she wore the sweatshirt to school today over 
her outfit because some of her teachers keep the classrooms pretty chilly.

I would say we had a very successful trip to TJ Maxx. We certainly had a
great time shopping together. 

Do you like shopping at TJ Maxx?

What other stores are your favorites?

Have a great day!

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Toga and Birthday Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!

Our weekend was just full of crazy fun!

Friday was a "Togally" fun day at school for Miss S. For spirit day, the senior class
wore togas to school. Here is Miss S (in the green toga) with some of her friends.

Wow, to be 17 again, and be able to look great while wearing a sheet, haha!

The football team won it's second game of the season, so everyone is really hyped
about the successful start to the season.

Miss S and I continued the fun on Saturday with a little shopping excursion. Our
first stop was TJ Maxx.

I will go into more detail about the goodies we found in tomorrow's post. I've got lots of
birthday pics to share today and I'd hate to keep you here all day! :)

Check back tomorrow to see some things we loved and bought from TJ Maxx.

Saturday evening, we went out to dinner as a family. I love our little family of three!
I ordered the chicken quesadilla's, and they were delicious. The serving size was so 
large that I was able to bring over half of my meal home with us. I love when one meal
can be turned into two. Less work for me always makes my day!

Sunday on the way to church, we saw this...

I love the message on the tire cover of the Jeep. It still makes me laugh, even as 
I'm typing this today.

After church Sunday morning, we had Hubby's birthday party at a restaurant near 
our church. Our family and friends joined us to help Hubby celebrate.

Miss S was snapchatting while we were waiting on our drink orders, and Hubby wanted 
in on the fun...

Once we placed our orders for our meal, it was time for some presents!

Every time Hubby would open a present, he would plop the bow on top of 
Miss S's head. As you can see, she was thrilled by his little game. ;)

After presents, and lunch, it was time for some chocolate birthday cake...

And no party is complete without pictures!

Hubby and Miss S... A.K.A, my loves...

and Hubby and me...

Miss S with her Mamaw, and her Papa...

Hubby's mom and step dad managed to avoid pictures this time, but I will get 
them the next time!

We had a great time visiting with friends and family and celebrating Hubby!

 I'm linking up with Katie for Marvelous in my Monday!

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Thought for the week:

Thanks for reading today! I hope to see you back here tomorrow. :)

Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Favorites ~ Cute Bootie Edition

H A P P Y    F R I D A Y  !

My brain and my body are trying to lure me back to sleep, but it's Friday, and
that means it's time for Friday Favorites and the blogging must go on!

Let's talk about my favorite ankle boot finds for fall:

I prefer a bootie with a flat heel. I find them way more comfortable to wear. 
I am at a point in my life right now where comfort comes first! 

- one -

These are G by Guess, and are available in both taupe and black. These are 
almost sold out online, so apparently I'm not the only one with my eye on 
them, ha! They look super comfortable and I could see myself shopping, 
running errands all day, or heading to a college football game in these.

- two -

I especially love the price on this pair with the cute fringe. I would say Target hit a 
home run with these cuties, especially for $34.99!

- three -

And yet another great bootie from Target...

These are available in this beige color, plus black, and also gray, and are $44.99.
The tassel on the zipper makes this bootie for me. Love it!

- four -

And I these these by Sam & Libby are just gorgeous too. They are available in
this putty color, and also in black and are also $44.99.

This is a similar ankle boot and is available here for almost three times the
price. Why pay $140 for booties when Target has so many cute, inexpensive
Are you shopping for new ankle boots for fall?

I need to replace my gray ankle boots that I bought a couple of years back.
They have a higher heel on them, and I only wore them one time last year for 
that reason. Shoes that cause my feet to hurt are not something I need in my life!

Have a great weekend, and I'll see you on Monday!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Three Things Thursday

My laptop has been acting really psycho for the past two days, so let's all cross
our fingers and make a wish that this blog post is able to happen today. 

- one -

Yesterday, someone special had a birthday!

It was Hubby's birthday!

We met for lunch to celebrate his special day. We met at Surin, for sushi and Thai food.

It was a nice change of pace to get to see him in the middle of the day and have lunch.
I think overall, he would say he had a pretty good birthday.

- two -

Yesterday afternoon, Miss S and I tried to figure out how to transform a twin sized
flat sheet into a toga.

After about an hour of wrapping and unwrapping, I think we may be pretty close.
Let me tell you... It isn't as easy thing to do!

Tomorrow at school, it is Toga Day for the Senior class for the pep rally. Hopefully
we can get it right tomorrow morning. And don't worry. She will be wearing a tank 
top and shorts underneath the sheet, just in case there is a wardrobe malfunction at
any time during the day! 

- three -

We have a tomato bandit at our house.

Just look at who sneaks into the garden anytime he gets a chance!

Hunter, the tomato bandit

A labrador that loves tomatoes. What are the odds?! And can we talk about how
fast he is growing??? Oh, and I almost forgot... Hunter has lost two baby teeth
this week. So cute!

Well I better get moving! My mood says, "Netflix and cookies" but my to-do list
says otherwise. So I'm going to get busy and try to get something accomplished, and 
forget about my annoying sweet tooth.

If you need an idea for dinner tonight, this is what's on our menu for tonight.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"To a T" Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone!

This is what our day looked like yesterday...

The boys were happy to be outside in the sunshine and fresh air for a bit.

This morning, in celebration of the temperature being much more bearable, and the
humidity not being 100%, I wanted to spend a few minutes outside in the fresh air 
to start my day.

And for today's blog post...

It's been awhile since my last "To a T" Tuesday, so I thought that might be a
fun change of pace for today.

Let's get started!

And this last one totally sums up life with a puppy....

Tomorrow is Hubby's birthday, so I need to finish up a few last minute errands 
before and after work today so I will be have a little something for him to open 
tomorrow morning. He is so hard to buy gifts for! If he wants something, he
will typically go and buy it for himself, OR, it will be something that is too
expensive for me just to pop into a store and buy. Sigh.

What are your plans for the day?

How is the weather where you are?

Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Recap...Spirit, Scents, & Sushi

Friday was a big day for Miss S. Not only was it the day of the 1st football game of her 
Senior year, it was also the 1st pep rally of the season. The Senior class put in lots of 
work on posters and spirited costumes. The theme for the pep rally was "The Olympics,"
and the Senior class's theme was "Go For Gold."

Here is a pic of many of the Seniors at the pep rally on Friday. (Dance team, band and 
football team not pictured.)

The Senior class won the coveted "Spirit Stick" which means that they showed the
most school spirit and were the loudest at cheering. Not only did her class win the
spirit stick, her school won the challenge from Chick-fil-A and was awarded a 
$1,700 donation from Chick-fil-A.

They also won their first ballgame of the season 49 - 33!

My Friday wasn't filled with spirit sticks, costumes, or pep rally's, but I did find
some treasured items.

While grocery shopping on Friday, I got super excited when I saw that a few pumpkin
items had made there way to the store shelves.

1st fall finds of the season!

I loved the Pumpkin Pie Greek yogurt last year, so I quickly grabbed four off the shelf.
Then a couple of isles later, I spotted these adorable leaf plug-in warmers. I could not
help myself. Two just hopped off the shelf and into my hands! I also bought the Pumpkin
Dream scented Glade Plug-In and I am so very happy I did. The scent has made our home
smell absolutely wonderful. I need to get back to the store and buy more of this scent before
it's too late. People tend to buy up all the pumpkin goodies pretty quickly, so there isn't 
much time to waste!

Friday night while Miss S was at the first football game of the year, Hubby and I
headed out for sushi.

I ordered the Mango Rolls and they tasted as good as they look. Isn't the presentation
of the sushi just beautiful? So, so good! I could eat these with no problem three or four
times a week.

Saturday was a mostly quiet day. I worked on Miss S's Senior year scrapbook while
Hubby cut the grass. For dinner Saturday night, Hubby did the cooking! Miss S even
popped in long enough to have dinner with us before she was off to another social event.
Hubby grilled steaks, seared ahi tuna, and made baked potatoes. As usual, it was 
delicious. Unfortunately, even when he cooks, I still get to wash the dishes, boo.

On Sunday, we were quite surprised to come up on a mini traffic jam.

Cars had to come to a complete stop on a four lane highway because a whole gaggle 
of geese were crossing. There were probably 40 of them. If made me giggle at the
thought of geese causing a traffic jam while they waddled their way across four lanes 
of traffic.

By Sunday evening, I had finished this book.

I know, I know. The last time I mentioned it, I was complaining that it was not good 
at all. I had read 126 pages at that time, and still could care less about the story line. 
Well, somewhere around page 150, I was finally getting into the book. There 
were some parts I would have left out, but I finished it and overall changed 
my mind about it. I would rate it a 3 out of 5 stars.

While I am still waiting on this book from the library...

I'm going to read this book next...

If you've been reading my blog for long, you know how I feel about
Lauren Graham.

I hope I love her book as much as I love her character on Gilmore Girls!

Well, I think that about sums up our weekend.

How was yours?

Ever been stopped in traffic by a gaggle of geese?

Have you read a good book lately?

Have a great day!

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