Monday, July 11, 2016

Weekends and Paw Prints

Hello again!

What did YOU do this weekend?

On Friday morning, I headed to the gym for a quick training session with a client.

After the session, I met Miss S at Revolve for lunch. 

We shared the Momma's Mac and Cheese topped with grilled chicken.

The serving was so large, that even though we shared, we still didn't finish it all.

After lunch, we saw the movie, The Secret Life of Pets.

It was precious. We laughed out loud so many times, and only cried once. The characters,
Max and Duke reminded us of our boys, Rusty and Drake.

Also on Friday, Hubby managed to play a round of golf even though the heat index was 
103 degrees. I don't know how he stands the heat!

On Saturday, we received another sympathy card in the mail from Drake's new vet.

The front of the card contained the poem that I had read last week after a sweet reader 
commented and asked if I had read it. I am so glad she told me about it. The poem, 
The Rainbow Bridge is the sweetest, and the saddest poem, all at the same time.

And if we weren't all crying enough over the sweet poem on the front of the card, we 
opened the card to find the most special prize in the whole world...

Our sweet, sweet boy's paw print

I could not love this paw print, or the amazing, thoughtful gesture any more if I tried.

We cried, and cried some more, but will forever cherish this paw print.

I will see you tomorrow to share a BIG surprise!

Wishing you a Happy Monday!

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