Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Surprise! What a Cutie!

At the end of yesterday's post, I promised you a big surprise.

Well here he is!

Hubby and Miss S headed to Jefferson, Georgia on Saturday to bring home this little cutie.
He was born on April 3, 2016, and was the only boy in a litter full of girls. When Hubby
saw his unusual white coloring, he knew this was the boy for him.

After a few minutes of "getting to know you," they put pup in the truck and headed off,
to bring him to his new home.

At first, he was not quite sure what to think about the road trip.

But before long, he was happy riding along with his Daddy.

Miss S would steal him away from time to time for a little brother/sister bonding.

Once they arrived at home, it was time to explore his new backyard.

I love this look of pure joy on Miss S's face as she gets some sweet puppy snuggles.

You have to go up steps to get to our deck, but at first, our new baby wasn't sure about those 
scary steps at all. Daddy would have to carry him up and down to go potty.

Miss S can't stop holding this little cutie.

Now he is ready to play!

And here he is after his bath. All squeaky clean.

This little guy is so adorable and sweet, but we just have a couple of minor problems...

-  Shelley does not like him even a little bit!

- Rusty does NOT want to play with him!

- Even with the new puppy, I am still crying over Drake. 

- We can not agree on a name for him.

Two out of the three of us will like a name, but we can not ALL agree whole
heartedly on the perfect name. Poor little guy. 

It is hard to name him because he will be going dove hunting and duck hunting with
his Daddy. Most regular pet names sound a little weird when you yell them out in
a field or in a duck blind. Also, one syllable names usually work best for hunting dogs.

Drake was the perfect name for our big boy, so it puts a little more pressure on finding
a really good name for this little guy. I would love to find a name that plays on his
white colored fur, but Snowball, and Frosty certainly won't work, haha!

I hope to have a name to share with you SOON! This is really starting to stress
us out.

I'd love to hear your name ideas, if you would like to share.

I hope to see you back here on Thursday!

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