Thursday, July 7, 2016

Remembering Drake

Our family lost someone very special to us on Tuesday morning. Someone that 
meant the world to me. Someone I will never, ever forget. Someone that will always 
be in my heart. Our sweet, precious, baby boy, Drake was loved so very much by 
not only our family, but by everyone that knew him. He was my very own big brown 
teddy bear. This post will be in loving memory of him, and will contain a LOT of 
pictures. You have been warned! ;)

His AKC registered name was Rebel's Dixieland Drake. He was born on Wednesday, 
December 20, 2006 in Grassy, Alabama. Grassy is a small community in Lauderdale
County, in North Alabama. We lived in Lauderdale County at the time and Miss S was 
in the 3rd grade when we brought Drake home on President's Day, February 19, 2007.
Rusty went with us to pick out Drake, and to bring him home. As a puppy, he loved
going to work with his Daddy during the week, and going fishing
or hunting with Daddy on Saturday.

I miss his playful, yet loving, gentle spirit, and his sweet face so much...

Look at those sweet brown eyes...

He loved his Sissy...

and couch time with Daddy...

 He and Rusty were inseparable buddies...

I was never alone in the bathroom... I was never alone anywhere! This baby was 
my shadow.

He took his job as protector of the home very seriously...

He was king of the house!

He was a faithful, loving companion and a loyal best friend. He was unbelievably
intelligent, and loved running through the house and retrieving any toy that
you requested.

He was always happy to stand still for hugs from Mommy...

He even tolerated posing for last year's Christmas card...


Dec. 20, 2006  --  July 5, 2016

We could not have asked for a better doggie, and we will always have Labrador
paw prints on our hearts.

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