Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Favorites, the Mostly Pets Edition

Happy Friday!

Welcome to what may possibly be the most random edition of Friday Favorites
ever. Pull up a chair and hang on!

Some of my favorite things from the week are pictures of my fur babies. I was
looking through photos on my phone, and what I found was lots of good pics of 
my fur babies. What better time to share them than in a Friday Favorites post?!

Let's get started...

- one -

I found a picture of Drake looking quite guilty with one of Miss S's shoes in his mouth.
This was the day that she was forced to say goodbye to a favorite pair of moccasins. 
They didn't stand a chance against the powers of a chocolate lab! But I have to say, if a 
new pair of moccasins could bring my sweet, gorgeous boy back to us, I would buy 
a new pair TODAY! I sure miss him. RIP sweet boy.

- two -

In memory of another sweet boy that we have loved and lost, I found this picture of
our very first fur baby, Buster. Hubby and I got him after we built our first house 
back in 1995.

I found this picture of Miss S and Buster while I was looking through scrapbooks
for baby pictures of Drake. I believe Miss S was 5 years old in this picture.
Buster was a very good brother to Miss S, and he will always be in our hearts too.

- three -

Here is Miss S sharing some morning snuggles with our new fur baby, Hunter.

If Hunter is half as good as Buster and Drake were, I know we will have many 
happy years together.

And now for a couple of favorite moments from our week....

- four -

On Wednesday, I met a sweet friend for lunch at Mugshots Grill and Bar.

My cheeseburger was delicious, and the girl talk was much needed! Such a fun time!

- five -

Yesterday, we had a fun shopping day in Auburn.

Miss S took one of her besties with her, and they had a ton of fun shopping in
a new town. They can hardly wait to be there for college next year. Oh time, please 
slow down. I am still in denial that my girl will be a Senior in high school this year.

Today my parents are here to help Miss S repaint her room. I hope to have pictures
to share with you next week of the transformation.

Have a great weekend! I'll see you Monday!

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