Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Favorites...Retail Therapy

Hello again Friday!

Get ready for a version of Friday Favorites that you haven't seen before.

Oh my goodness I am so tired from puppy patrol!

This little guy is wearing me out. We had two perfect days with potty training outside,
and now this morning, he's had two accidents in the house before 8:00 a.m.

I am so frustrated. I don't get why he can do perfectly for two days, and then just
forget it all and revert back to bad habits.

I need a mini-escape from the puppy potty patrol, so for today's Friday Favorites, 
I'm going fantasy shopping for two of my favorite things...


If I had the time and the mad money, I would head straight for Bath & Body Works.
I would grab these candles without even blinking!

I love this one, with it's scent of red Gala apples, juicy fig, Fir Balsam, and eucalyptus 
leaf. But, our kitty cat Shelley, is allergic to eucalyptus, so this one unfortunately 
is no longer an option for our home. Prior to Miss Shelley's allergies it was one of 
my favorite fall scents.

Since Autumn would not be an option, I would try this one...

It's scent is of Crisp Red Apple, Green Fig, White Birch, and Cedar. That sounds
wonderful, and hopefully would not bother anyone's allergies. Allergies are the pits!

This one sounds amazing too with California Pears, Riesling Grapes, and Honeyed Oak.
This seems like it would be a wonderful transitional candle to take us from late summer,
to early fall.

And because lavender is supposed to help you feel calm and relaxed, and since the 
words  'calm and relaxed' are two words that are not even in this mama's word
bank, I would definitely need to pick up a couple of these...
It is described as classic blend of lavender & creamy vanilla made unforgettable by 
notes of jasmine and citrus. That sounds magical, and sounds like something I need 
in my life!

of their 3-wick candles are buy one, get one free right now. Also, this is not
an ad, or a sponsored post of any kind.

In addition to my love of candles, I also love a good decaf flavored coffee.

It has been too long since I've ordered some, so I'd like to visit the CoffeeAM site 
and go wild.

Here are four flavors I've had my eye on for several months...

available here

With flavors of rich chocolate, cream, and a touch of cinnamon, why wouldn't I try it?!

And this one makes me think of Gilmore Girls and Luke's Diner. Luke told Lorelai
that the secret ingredient that made his coffee so delicious was nutmeg.

available here

100% Arabica bean coffee with the gourmet flavors of nutmeg and cinnamon,
sounds pretty darn good to me! And thinking of Luke, Lorelai, and Rory while I drink
it would just be an added bonus.

I'm also dreaming of these two flavors...

available here

The flavor of Pumpkin Spice reminds me of the cozy atmosphere of Autumn. This coffee
boasts of a subtle cinnamon spice, sweet, syrupy brown sugar, and classic pumpkin.

All I can say is YES, YES, and YES!

And look at  this one...

available here

Just read the description of this coffee...

"Autumn Harvest Spice flavored coffee is made from the nutty and slightly sweet flavors 
of nutmeg combined with enticing flavors of pumpkin. If you like the crisp days of fall and pumpkin-carving season, this Autumn Harvest Spice will make you feel like it is fall 

If you ask me, this blend must have been created with me in mind! Sorry mom,
I know you are Team Endless Summer, but this girl loves a good fall season with crisp,
cooler temperatures, and beautiful fall foliage. Basically I am Pumpkin Spice obsessed
and a card carrying member of Team Fall!

Well, this little fantasy shopping trip has actually made me feel better. I do want to
buy these items, but maybe I won't do it all in one day, haha. I will pace myself and
maybe get a couple of things at a time. Back to school shopping is just days away, so
it would probably be wiser to take care of those things first.

Have a HAPPY Friday, and a great weekend!

I'll see you on Monday, August 1st.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Three Things Thursday

- one -

Miss S is having a ball at the beach. She is sunning, shopping, and enjoying snow cones.

Meanwhile here at home, Rusty and Shelley are ready to evict a certain 15 week old
puppy. They are tired of his energy, tired of him getting so much attention, and tired of
his constant desire to play, play, play. This mama wants all her babies to be happy, so I've
got to be more careful to make sure Rusty and Shelley feel like they are still important
members of the family too. #spreadthelove

( At least Hunter is doing well with potty training. No accidents at all yesterday! )

- two -

I have finished book #2 in Debbie Macomber's Rose Harbor series. 

It's actually a miracle considering I get to read about three of four pages at a time
before I have to jump up and tend to puppy shenanigans. I am really enjoying this
series and look forward to continuing it with book #3.

I am only on page 18 in book #3, and I'm already hooked and look forward to
reading more.

- three -

I am excited to share a website with you that I recently learned about. It is called, and you can check it out by clicking HERE.

My mom and I frequently have conversations about supplements and what to take,
why to take it, when to take it, and how much to take. One of us will read an article that
recommends a certain supplement, or someone will mention a supplement at the gym,
and we will wonder if it is worth our looking into. Well, with this site, we won't have to
wonder any more! Simply visit the site, type in the name of the supplement, and in an
instant, you can read all about it. The information tells you what a certain supplement is
good for, how much to take, and if their are side effects. I think this site will be quite helpful.

Well, it seems puppy nap time is over and it is once again time to play. I will see you

Thanks for visiting today!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday Talk

Finding pictures of my sweet, chocolate baby is now so incredibly rewarding. I love 
browsing through pics and suddenly, there is my boy's loving face looking up at me. 
I don't want to dwell on how much I miss him., but I just had to share this little
treasure here on my blog. That's what blogs are for, right?!

I believe Hunter is realizing that he is bigger than Rusty. He knows Rusty is older, and really
looks to him for guidance on when to bark, and how to greet us when we come home, but
he has discovered that he is big enough that he doesn't have to share a space if he doesn't
really want to.

Hunter is comfortably laying on the bath mat, and Rusty is stuck sitting half on and half
off of the tiny corner. Poor Rusty. Mommy's little sweetie gets no respect!

Hunter now weighs 34 pounds, and the vet told us not to be surprised if he was up to
50 pounds by this time next month. I believe we have a big boy on our hands!

Drake weighed around 96 pounds, and we fully expect Hunter to be just as big.

This sassy girl is still trying to let Hunter know that she is the true boss of the house,
but when she gets bored with hissing and fussing at him, she retreats to her tower to
renew her super kitty powers. I hope that they will make peace soon, because the
constant fussing and arguing between the two is a bit concerning.

Miss S is having a wonderful time at the beach. It's hard to tell from this picture, but I
am sure deep down, she is missing us, haha!

I've never visited Grayton Beach, but after reading this sign, I think it sounds like a
wonderful place! 

Hubby sang a beautiful duet in church on Sunday morning and I was super excited
to share it with you in yesterday's post. Unfortunately, my phone ran out of storage
with 45 - 50 seconds left to go in the song, so I missed getting the ending recorded.
I was so frustrated and upset, because their song was so unbelievably beautiful.
Luckily, someone else in our church was recording it too, and they got the entire
song. They shared it on Facebook, so HERE is a link to the video so now I can share
it with you!

Click here to see the music video via Facebook.

(You may have to click on the video when it appears to hear the sound.)

My fingers are crossed that the link works for you. I sure love both the song,
and the people singing it!

Have a wonderful day, and I will see you on Thursday!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! Here we are starting the last week in July. Where did the summer
go? I had so many things I wanted to do this summer, and places that I wanted to
go with Miss S, and the summer is nearly gone. Miss S will be back in school in
15 days. I can't believe the time is slipping away so quickly.

Speaking of Miss S, she went to the 5 Seconds of Summer concert Friday night
with friends. They had a blast even though the heat and humidity were what I would
call unbearable. I've endured the heat in the past at summer concerts to see people like 
Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker, and Cole Swindell, so I remember how 
miserable the heat can be. I didn't mind skipping this concert at all!

Her outfit of the night was this cute romper from Target.

On Saturday, Miss S left for the beach with a friend and her family. In an attempt
to keep ourselves busy, Hubby and I had lunch together at Jim 'N Nick's. We shared
the brisket plate, and still had enough to bring home leftovers. Looks like this girl will
be having brisket for lunch today!

Sunday was an emotional day. Our pastor preached his last sermon before retirement.

Bro. Doug has been a special person in Hubby's life for 17 years, so this is hard on him.
This picture was taken on Easter Sunday of Bro. Doug and Hubby.

Next Sunday we will have a celebration for his 29 years as pastor of the church, and then
he will be retiring. It will be weird going to church and not seeing Bro. Doug from now on!

Well, I think those are the highlights from our weekend.

I will see you back here tomorrow for some Tuesday Talk.

Have a great day!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Let's Catch Up

Hello again and HAPPY FRIDAY!

Well another crazy week has come and gone and we are still here to talk
about it, so I call that a success!

Let's catch up a little on what is happening this week in our lives.

Hunter is adapting well to life in our house. He has learned his name, and the word "no."

He loves to play fetch with a tennis ball, and without a few minutes of play first, there
is no hope of getting anything else accomplished. Rusty and Shelley do not understand
why Hunter runs through the house like a streak of lightening. I'm pretty sure Shelley
finds it extremely annoying, while Rusty finds it terrifying.

He does very well going potty outside, if you take him out every 45 minutes on the dot. 
He sleeps in his kennel in our bedroom at night and is sleeping all night, which is awesome!

He will go up and down the stairs from our deck to the yard without any hesitation, 
but is absolutely terrified of the stairs inside the house. He won't go near them, and
gets very upset when we go near them.

He LOVES leaves. I mean loves them! Pine straw is a close second, but leaves are by far
his favorite thing.

We bought a little plastic pool for him to play in, and he will hop in and out at random
times while chasing leaves.

Miss S took this video of him playing in his pool Tuesday afternoon.

It's a good thing he is absolutely precious, because puppies are a handful!

What I've been up to this week:

I've been watching this on Netflix (when I'm not on puppy patrol):

Lipstick Jungle

Miss S is almost done with Grey's Anatomy. She loves it, but there is way too much
hospital drama in it for me. I prefer watching healthy, happy, people that stay far away
from hospitals!

What I'm reading:

I read in spurts, I either read a lot, or none at all. Right now I am loving a series
by Debbie Macomber, called the Rose Harbor series.

I finished the first book in the series...


Now I want to read the rest of the series.

Book 2...


Book 3...


Book 4...


and the conclusion, Book 5...


The last series of books I read was a series by Karen Kingsbury, so I look forward
to reading through this series of books. I need to go to our public library's website and
reserve them right now.

Miss S is headed to a concert with friends tonight, and then leaves tomorrow for another
week at the beach. If Hunter will keep calm, I should have plenty of time to read during
the next several days.

I also need to take my laptop in to see the Geek Squad at Best Buy. Lately I have been
having a LOT of trouble keeping an internet connection. I shut my computer down over
and over to reboot, and it still won't find a wifi connection. It is getting really annoying!

I hope your weekend if filled with all of your favorite things!

If my computer will connect to the internet, I will see you back here on Monday!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I've Got Power!

Hello again and Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday, I mentioned a minor blogging glitch, after a certain little cutie pie, made the 
power cord for my laptop into a chew toy. (Thankfully, it was not plugged in at the time!) 
$60 for a new power cord, and now I am back to blogging. 

However, I am noticing it is slightly difficult to sit down, collect your thoughts, and write, 
with a 14 week old tornado loose in your house. The mornings are his favorite time to 
play since he is operating on a full night's sleep. I wish I woke up with the energy 
and mobility of a 14 week old puppy!

Let's get caught up on what we've been up to...

On Friday, my parents were here to help Miss S paint her room. When we moved into
our house six years ago, Miss S wanted to paint her room a "Berry Purple" color. Then
two years ago, she wanted to change the color to a "Tiffany Blue."  Well now that she is
going to be a senior in high school, she was ready to make another change. She chose a
beautiful shade of green, and enlisted the help of her Papa, to help her make the change.

Bye bye blue...

Hello green...

Rusty wanted to be surprised by the new paint color, so he decided to nap on a pile of 
pillows on Miss S's bed while the work was being done.

After several hours of hard work, Papa needed a "sweet tea break."

I love this picture of my dad and Rusty. It looks like they are chatting and Papa told Rusty
something funny. Doesn't it look like Rusty is laughing?

They new paint color is gorgeous. When Miss S gets her room all put together and 
arranged like she wants it, I will post more pictures. 

Until then, how about a couple of cute puppy pics?

And look who's acting more like brothers and best friends this week...

If only Shelley would be as accepting. She is still not a fan of Hunter, but we are 
hoping she will come around soon.

Our sweet Drake has been gone for two weeks today, so this post wouldn't be complete
without a picture or two of my chocolate baby.

We miss you Big D, and you will always be in our hearts.

Thanks for reading today.
I hope you have a wonderful day, and I will see you back here on Thursday!

Monday, July 18, 2016

A Blogging Glitch

This short post is coming to you from my iPad because this
little cutie got a hold of the power cord to my laptop yesterday, 
so this morning, I find myself without the battery power needed 
to write a post. 

I am a laptop lover, so blogging from my iPad is a whole 
new (and complicated) issue for me. 

I hope to replace the cord today and be back to blogging 
normally on Tuesday. 

Wishing you a happy Monday!


Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Favorites, the Mostly Pets Edition

Happy Friday!

Welcome to what may possibly be the most random edition of Friday Favorites
ever. Pull up a chair and hang on!

Some of my favorite things from the week are pictures of my fur babies. I was
looking through photos on my phone, and what I found was lots of good pics of 
my fur babies. What better time to share them than in a Friday Favorites post?!

Let's get started...

- one -

I found a picture of Drake looking quite guilty with one of Miss S's shoes in his mouth.
This was the day that she was forced to say goodbye to a favorite pair of moccasins. 
They didn't stand a chance against the powers of a chocolate lab! But I have to say, if a 
new pair of moccasins could bring my sweet, gorgeous boy back to us, I would buy 
a new pair TODAY! I sure miss him. RIP sweet boy.

- two -

In memory of another sweet boy that we have loved and lost, I found this picture of
our very first fur baby, Buster. Hubby and I got him after we built our first house 
back in 1995.

I found this picture of Miss S and Buster while I was looking through scrapbooks
for baby pictures of Drake. I believe Miss S was 5 years old in this picture.
Buster was a very good brother to Miss S, and he will always be in our hearts too.

- three -

Here is Miss S sharing some morning snuggles with our new fur baby, Hunter.

If Hunter is half as good as Buster and Drake were, I know we will have many 
happy years together.

And now for a couple of favorite moments from our week....

- four -

On Wednesday, I met a sweet friend for lunch at Mugshots Grill and Bar.

My cheeseburger was delicious, and the girl talk was much needed! Such a fun time!

- five -

Yesterday, we had a fun shopping day in Auburn.

Miss S took one of her besties with her, and they had a ton of fun shopping in
a new town. They can hardly wait to be there for college next year. Oh time, please 
slow down. I am still in denial that my girl will be a Senior in high school this year.

Today my parents are here to help Miss S repaint her room. I hope to have pictures
to share with you next week of the transformation.

Have a great weekend! I'll see you Monday!

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