Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekend Recap

{ Friday }

Friday, when Miss S finished helping with Vacation Bible School, we met up for 
lunch. We tried a new-to-us restaurant, that has been open for about a month,

As we were seated, our waiter brought us water in a fancy bottle to enjoy while
we looked over the menus.

I ordered the Cobb Salad, which was delicious. It came topped with cucumber, avocado, 
small scoops of egg salad, and chicken salad, ham, cheese, carrots, tomato, and bacon.

Miss S ordered the Mac -n- Cheese topped with braised pork. She loved it and wished 
that we had a cooler with us so that she could have brought her leftovers home. She 
was served such a large portion that she hardly made a dent in it!

Friday afternoon, we picked up my car from the shop (yay!), and also got some really
GREAT news about Drake!

Our big, beautiful, boy does NOT have cancer!

We are SO relieved! He will need to stay on antibiotics for a couple more weeks to take care
of the severe infection in his prostate, and will need to have surgery to be "fixed,"
because his problems seem to be testosterone driven. We are just thrilled that he will
soon be all well, and will be with us a lot longer.  This big teddy bear has my heart and
I don't like it when he is sick!

{ Saturday }

Saturday was filled with lots of fun things...

Miss S slept in until almost lunch time, and then we ventured out to Target, Starbucks
and TJ Maxx.

Miss S was shopping for new gym clothes and did find a couple of things she
needed, but also fell in love with a jacket that she really didn't need...

 My girl loves to shop and forgets sometimes that her budget is not endless!

{ Sunday }

Sunday was Father's Day and our whole family came to church with us. After
church we went to Logan's for lunch, and even remembered to snap a couple of
pictures after we ate.

Me with my dad on Father's Day...

Miss S with her Daddy and Papa on Father's Day...

We had a good weekend celebrating Father's Day and also celebrating that our chocolate
lab will soon make a full recovery and be happy and healthy for years to come.

God is good and I am so thankful that our weekend was filled with lots of love and
good news!

How was your weekend? Did you do something special?

I'll see you tomorrow!

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  1. That's the most beautiful salad I've ever seen.

    So happy for Drizzy! (Do you call him that? I totes would if he were mine.<3)

  2. Yay for your pup being all fin! Hope he recovers quickly~


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