Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thursday Update

I am so thankful today that my gorgeous boy seems to be feeling a little better!

He saw a new vet on Tuesday morning for an ultrasound, and the vet also sent the
test results to Auburn's vet school to be checked for a second opinion. Both doctors 
feel that we need to treat him for prostatitis right now and see if his symptoms improve.
Before this diagnosis, I had never even heard of prostatitus, but we were absolutely
thrilled to hear ANY diagnosis other than the one we were most afraid of  hearing.

Drake is now on Previcox for pain/inflammation once a day, and on two antibiotics,
Cipro and Bactrum, twice a day, and if his symptoms improve, then he will be scheduled
for a little surgery to help him avoid having any problems in the future. We did not realize
that many large dogs that mature without being "fixed" can have prostrate trouble. So if
your baby is a large breed male dog, please ask your vet if they need "the surgery."

We want to do everything we can to help our boy live many more healthy years, so if
medicine and "fixing" him will do that, then I am ALL IN!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, and we are hopeful that he is now on
the path of living many more healthy, happy years with us. He will see the new vet
again in a week for a re-check, and we are praying we get good news!


I am hoping that maybe Miss S can clear a place in her social schedule to spend
some time with me tomorrow so I will see you on Monday, and will get back to a
regular blogging schedule then.

Happy Thursday!

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